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  1. Jhopesstrawberry

    HOT Vkei Pictures

    starting this since there probably hasn't been one for at least a decade (quite literally) and also because I'm bored. Let's start 😏: Thats all I have to say.
  2. Jhopesstrawberry

    Vkei is peeping it's head through 🤭

    So before I had done a post on how vkei is dying... but today proved me wrong! I know this is like super duper late, but its going to be posted one way or another. Two vkei bands, Dir En Grey and Deviloof, both posted new songs today and got a decent amount of views! Considering they are already...
  3. Jhopesstrawberry

    Japanese Music Suggestions

    I decided I would start a new thread of Japanese music suggestions and hopefully later on this thread will be full of good music! I will try to post everyday a new and good song! Starting with Melty Love by SHAZNA.
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