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  1. Janie.d

    Radio Ramen Podcast

    If you're into garage punk, rockabilly, post rock, jazz fusion and blues there is a great bilingual podcast which kicked off 2 weeks ago called radioramen.com. First interview was so cool with Baitones and am crazily into Vivarta (ep 2). I have heard Pistol Jazz is going to on soon....reckon...
  2. E

    MC Reikokuna in Seattle Needs your help

    Konichiwa watashi wa no namane Evander Roy Blake Desu. I am going to post the rest of this in English my primary language with a basic translation into Hiragana/katakana Kanji at the end as best I can using Google Translate. I am still learning Japanese my old mind is having problems learning...
  3. Lady Orisha

    Insanity Injection and Dadaroma

    Hello Everyone,:x3: I did a search and didn't find these two groups. So, I thought I would post them to have discussions on. I found these two music groups and love their hardcore and twisted style of music as well as Visual Kei being a very strong component in there style too. I am so happy the...
  4. R

    Jewelry stores

    I hope the title isn't too misleading. I'm looking for a shop that sells lip piercings- or 'labrets' and rings in Japan close to the Atsugi/Tokyo area. I just recently got the piercing in the United States and lost the little ball that goes on the front of the labret, so it's a little urgent to...