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  1. Haruto Uzumaki

    Question How to get an opportunity to produce (mainly anime) music in Japan?

    Hey guys, ハルト (Haruto) here. I couldn't find anything anywhere online about my question, probably because it's so specific. So I came here to ask: In Japan, what would it take to become an anime (j-pop) music producer (provided I've already acquired the necessary skills for j-pop production)...
  2. Jhopesstrawberry

    Japanese Music Suggestions

    I decided I would start a new thread of Japanese music suggestions and hopefully later on this thread will be full of good music! I will try to post everyday a new and good song! Starting with Melty Love by SHAZNA.
  3. J

    Question What's the best (paid) Japanese TV streaming service for Idol/JPOP/movie stations?

    Hi all, I live in Australia, and was just wondering, as a fan of Japanese culture and entertainment, I would like to purchase a monthly subscription so that I can watch any Japanese TV channel online. It would be nice if the interface and information was English-friendly as I cannot read any...
  4. T

    Name of Song

    Hey there! I have been trying to find the name and artist of this song for weeks. It popped up during one of my son’s little kid videos and I love it so much. But even when I type in lyrics it doesn’t come up. Can someone help me? The song starts at 4:30 Thank you so much to anyone who can...
  5. E

    MC Reikokuna in Seattle Needs your help

    Konichiwa watashi wa no namane Evander Roy Blake Desu. I am going to post the rest of this in English my primary language with a basic translation into Hiragana/katakana Kanji at the end as best I can using Google Translate. I am still learning Japanese my old mind is having problems learning...
  6. Lady Orisha

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ^__^

    Hello Everyone I want to talk more about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and the decoding of her music and music videos. I wanted to get a better idea of them because I am obsessed with her Music Videos! The music is very creative as well. The songs put so many sounds and beats in them. One of my favorite...
  7. JaviOrtega

    Can someone help me to translate this? Please c:

    This is a part of a japanese song that I don't understand as well, here is: "そう 友達とか ずっと 暑苦しく 思ってた でもでも ・・・やっぱ言えないや ビコーーズ!! ななななななな" If you're asking, it's from "Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou - Hyadain (ヒャダインのじょーじょーゆーじょ)" Thank you very much!! :D
  8. Cham

    Need help identify band or song

    Hello guys. I need help identifying this band's name and their song. would really appreciate the help. thanks
  9. PeejayKosuda

    Avex star search 2016

    Hi. Last month, I sent a demo to avex star search. I still don't know what coming next. I was wondering what to do next or what will happen if I get accepted. I need some advice. Please help me! Thank you.
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