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Why should you be banned!

You should be banned for having one of those new fangled phones ! I'm still stuck with the phone they issued me in secret agent spy school. shoephone.jpg
You should be banned for going to a secret agent spy school! That means you have spied on multiple people! Traitor!
I shouldbe banned for feeling so freaking bored right now.... looking through old music threads has been the only thing keeping me alive on this site these days🥱
You should be banned for being home on a Saturday night. Supposed to be out having a good time ! My days as a spook only involved the commies. I tracked their location of their nuke subs & bombers incase we had to take them out.SPOOK.jpgspyPatch.jpgmay.jpg
you should be banned for saying I shouldn't stay home on a Saturday night! Your probably the reason Covid still exists!
OOPS forgot about that ! Us undead don't have to worry about covid. You should be banned for lack of a good sig ! Something that is your favorite saying. Mine is about spammers.
Now I thought you were a old man! You should be banned for lying again. You should also be banned because I don't know what a sig is.
You should be banned for not knowing that picture of me is 49 years old , LOL. The young lady was supposed to be my wife , but she was too smart for me and escaped a fate worse than death by "dear John-ing) me. PS...your sig should be "Japanese Music Master Queen" .
Does sig mean signature? If so then I will adopt that name😂 you should be banned for letting that pretty woman escape. Your probably depressed now adays huh?
You should be banned for not knowing how many layers that kimono had , LOL. I don't think she would feel a 44 magnum bullet hitting her. I stopped counting at 7 layers. So many ropes and knots , it took a week to unwrap her. That picture was the day of the base Navy Ball. It was super formal with all the Navy big wigs there. Out of 100 or more people there my girl was the only one in a formal kimono and everyone ooohed & awwed and I was so proud to have her there with me. One of those nights you never forget.
You should be banned for bragging about your girl especially during rough times like these where a lot of people are single😬🙃 #singlelivesmattertoo
You should be banned for not realizing how lucky you are to be young and single. After you are married , you look back at times on those days before marriage with fond memories , LOL. I planned to stay single till I was 30 but only made it to 26 and I was captured.
You should be banned for only lasting until 26🤓 i feel like i want a relationship one day but the thought of them cheating or me not finding the right one is lowkey scaring me😬
You should be banned for being so smart about relationships. Always take your time and be choosey . If your gut tells you he's not the right guy , bail out and move on. The right one is out there and fate will lead you to the right one. When I got married , I decided to hold off an having kids for a while in case it didn't work out ; after all who could stand to be married to me for long , LOL. This June makes 44 years that the poor woman has suffered with me.
you should be banned for being married 44 years.
(A congratulations ban because thats my biggest goal is to get married that long.) Congratulations!
I should be banned cuz I've been trying to find 2000's sites just so I can ooh and ah at the difference in formats they used to be in. And cuz I'm bored.
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