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Ravi Shankar. Very relaxing while I'm trying to debug perl scripts, lol.
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Deltron 3030- Mastermind

Deltron or just Del the funky in general is crazy, I think I'll listen to it next, it's not in this tracklist, right now for me it is,,

Noreaga - Banned from TV


Originally posted by ghettocities
Deltron or just Del the funky in general is crazy, I think I'll listen to it next, it's not in this tracklist, right now for me it is,,

Del tha Funkee.

To get back on track.

Melt Banana- Free the bee

This is one crazee f*ucked up Japanese metal noise crap.

so coooooooooooool
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Ricky Martin's Almas Del Silencio. Favorite tracks: "Jaleo" and "Besos De Fuego"; they got me hot and sizzle!:D :D :D
"der weltensegler". it's so great that I copied it from cd to the computer to listen to it more easily. :) its a german audio play being half music / half-spoken. It's about "the world sailor" sailing between the edges of reality and illusion. It's about our role in our life, life in general, in society, about love, friends, sex, thoughts, illusions, parts of us we hide from our own consciousness and last but not least about sex. it is filled with masses of little word plays, having 3 different speakers (2 male, 1 female) and quotes at times greek mythology as well. it's the best cd I ever had in my entire life. :) I got it... 5 to 6 years ago when I was 18... as a birthday present from some Mistress.

Because the word plays, it loses 90% of its meaning during translation, and the music is essential too since it stresses things and moves your emotions etc., but I try a sentence or two anyway. Again, without music, the lack of fitting words and lack of my vocabulary and no poetry-like rhyming and such, it has no much meaning. Still, the following "quote" is from a part of the audio-play dealing with relationships and love.

"you switch your partner but still hold him/her. Each relationship does never end. Start a new and relates to the last. Only in the one, you see all. That one that you may not have, visiting you before breakfast, leaving before you awake. Your lack of security wears down your mind and weakens your limbs. She is mistress and slave of your drives, ties you up, embraces your love."
Questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart.
~~Coldplay-The Scientist
hey, I know that song. :) but I don't know anything about the band except that we have a few songs of them in our house-lan... btw, I tried badly to get an album of them... Uhm... what was their name... it was japan-release only, so I didn't even get it online... oh yes, the band is called "audio active". Does anyone know them? :)
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