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Alladin: Absolute Rock-n-Roll-er (sorry my translation could be bogus: アラジン - 完全無欠のロックンローラー )


Amazing lead guitar.
The Spinners - Manchester Rambler


"I'm a rambler, i'm a rambler from Manchester way,
I get all me pleasure the hard, moorland way,
I may be a wage slave on Monday,
But I am a free man on Sunday!

This song was played at me Grandad Price's funeral, he was a rambler and mountain climber from Manchester, this song is so fitting for him!
Old is expensive !

I decided to hook up my old Bang & Olufsen turntable and listen to some old vinyl records. The sound wasn't that great so I figured I might need a new needle. I Googled a replacement and the recomended unit was over $1800 USD.
Not wanting to take out a second mortgage , I searched for a cheaper replacement cartridge. The best I could find was still $200. I guess I will go back to my CD collection , LOL.

Uncle Frank

These days I am really into Michael Buble and John Mayer

Genesis - Firth of Fifth


or another one, here Peter is playing flute :LOL: Peter sucks, he is alive proof of that.

Can - Deadlock


anthem of multithread programming. Damo Suzuki is half naked and lost generation is masturbatin'
kraut rulezzzzz!!!
How we operate - Gomez


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Old school...

Aisha - Death in Vegas

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