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What do you think about Arab people ??

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So what if there are 8 million Arabs in America? How many of them do you know? Are you friends with any? Any in your family? Or are they just statistics to make you feel knowledgable?

My next door neighbor is an Arab and there are at least hundreds more on my block and in my neighborhood. I also know at least a thousand of Arabs and Persians thrughout my life, through work, and from living near the neighborhood.
Michigan has one of the largest population of Arabs and Persians and that is where I live, in Michigan. I still hope you are not offended.

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I hope you are not offended that I lived in Michigan all my life.
Do you bring up 9/11 to your neighbor each day? Why are your posts in this thread all about that?

And it's not so much I'm offended, it's that you have been offensive. I suppose I'm offended as an intelligent human being.

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Ah, I see your last minute addition. You can't grasp why you're offensive, but you want sympathy for yourself and your country. I have better things to do than argue with a brick wall.

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Always get angry first then call people name second.

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They are just too angry with many calling names so it is hard to talk to them.

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Nahadef, you really are an Arab.
You got me curious, Schubertslieder: why did you register to this forum in the first place? This is a place for getting to know Japan a bit better, and all you did here is getting a few cheap shots off toward Arabians.
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