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Why should you be banned!

You should be banned for bein saying such inappropriate words such as "butt" as an administrator πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
BUT ....BUT I was keyboarding in my sleep ! You should be banned for pointing out my dreadful deed , LOL.
You should be banned for keyboarding in your sleep! Your words could be harmful! JAIL!
You should be banned for being so accurate! No reason to call me out like that!
You should be banned for listening to a little mouse because then you can be deemed as officially crazy! anywho, ratatouille said you be talking to much anywayπŸ™„πŸ€
You should be banned for feeding him d-CON! Thats animal abuse and murder! #JUSTICEFORRATATOUILLE
It was all a misunderstanding ! He just got a slight tummy ache and threw up in my shoe and then bit my cat again. Today I had 30 protestors show up on my front lawn from the local movement RLM (rat lives matter) and I had to feed them all strawberry shortcake to get them to leave. You should be banned for telling them where I live !rlm.jpg
You liar! Rat killer works fastly! Poor ratatouille if only he knew poison was running through his veins πŸ˜” anywho you should be banned for giving away free strawberry shortcake! That's too good to give away😀
All right , I confess. He had a lot of meat on his bones so I cooked him up and gave it to my neighbor I don't like and told him it was a rabbit I shot. Wondering if the d-CON will lose it's strength after cooking?? I do consider it a mercy killing as the poor rat was in a wheelchair and under hospice care. As for the shortcake , the whipped cream had gone bad and I heard all the protesters suffered severe diarrhea bouts for 2 days. My revenge was sweet !
See you even confessed to your wrong doings! And you should especially be banned for lying and giving poisoned rat meat to your neighbor! I see you don't just lie to me you lie to everybody! #banunclefrank
My neighbor says she will severely punish me for me giving her that bad "rabbit" meat. You should be banned for picking on a poor old man in early stage dementia!

You should be banned for being an old man? Aren't you supposed to reverse age or somethingπŸ™„πŸ₯±
You should be banned for such wayward thoughts , LOL. I'm exhausted ! I haven't posted this much in the last week as I did in the last year. My fingers are worn to the bone and the letters on my keyboard are worn off. The mental exercise of keeping up with youth is taxing for this old grandfatherly (innocent) type guy.

You should be banned for letting this site die so muchπŸ˜” the only things people talk about still on here is japanese language and thats it.
And you should be banned for falling into my clever trap. We have not had a female poster who lasted more than 2 days and you've been stuck here longer than any before , HA HA HA , so there !! And....and .... you have single handed , bought back some interest in Japanese Music here which I hope will draw in other interested new members who Goggle leads them to us. SOOOOOOOO....even though we ban you , it will be the special "you can still post" type ban. You must never doubt the guile and wits of an ancient toothless old fart !

ahhh you got me thereπŸ˜’ (πŸ˜‚) I remember when I first went on here and you were like "keep checking on for a week or two and you might get lucky." You should be banned for convincing me to actually do that 🀣🀣🀣
You should be banned for claiming i use voodoo! As a person from New Orleans i feel targeted 😭😭😭
You should be banned for banning me for complaining that you exposed my secret πŸ’€
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