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Tech Salt-enhancing spoon on sale in Japan

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14 Mar 2002
In May, Kirin Holdings Co. introduced the "Electric Salt Spoon" in Japan. The spoon enhances the perception of saltiness through electric stimulation, making it useful for people trying to reduce their salt intake. Users can choose four intensity levels for the electric current delivered through the spoon's tip. Priced at 19,800 JPY (USD126), the spoon was commercialized after the company said in 2022 that it had developed a chopsticks-like device to alter taste perceptions using an electric current.


Photo credit: Keirin via Kyodo

The company started accepting orders for the spoon at its official online store on 20 May, with 200 units available. Kirin has also been developing taste-altering bowls. Excessive salt consumption has become an important health issue in Japan, with daily salt intake by a person aged 20 or over standing at 10 grams per day, much higher than the 5 grams recommended by the World Health Organization, according to the Health Ministry. But people who try to limit their salt intake often complain that food becomes tasteless, according to a survey conducted by Kirin in 2021.

I read this as 'self-enhancing spoon' and thought to myself that we've perhaps gone too far, lol.
Personally, I would love a spoon like this. I love salt a lot and eat way too much of it in general. I don't have hypertension problems or anything but it's good to be up front about these things.
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