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Economy Kishidanomics market reforms praised by Japan watchers


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14 Mar 2002
According to a Nikkei survey, market observers view PM Kishida's efforts to revamp the financial market and combat deflation favourably despite the political challenges. The Nikkei Stock Average is nearing the 40,000 threshold again, having set new records this year, driven by salary increases, corporate governance improvements, and other elements. However, Kishida's popularity has suffered due to his management of a widespread political funding controversy, leading to conjecture about the possibility and timing of a general election. Nikkei consulted ten specialists in equity, bond, and currency markets for their opinions on Kishida's performance regarding market and economic policies. Kishida earned an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5 for market reforms, with six experts awarding him the highest score.

That would make "Kishidanomics" more successful (to big corporations and stockholders) than "Abenomics" ever was.

The January expansion to the tax-free Nippon Individual Savings Account (NISA) program was a significant boon to the market, encouraging Japanese individuals to focus more on investing over saving. Kishida's second-highest rating was on raising wages and ending deflation, with an average score of 3.7. [...] Kishida received an average score of 3.6 on industrial policy, partly for courting semiconductor makers. [...] "Investors overseas now have a favourable view of Kishida's government, and stock prices could plunge if he does not run in the next LDP leadership race," said Takatoshi Itoshima, strategist at Pictet Asset Management Japan.

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