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Who is the prettiest J-rock guy?

Waza? (Hm...Gotta check out their discography...) That helps. Now I know what to search for....Thanks! :)

Oh, and you should swing over to Painkiller. I am checking out the Kyo images right now, and, XD ! You gotta see for yourself!
YES we are buds. hehe Everyone must love Kyo's singing... I sing to the songs in the shower :sing: Oh yeah kick those rabid jrock fans on their face >.< :box:
WHAT?! Your mind must be disinagrating!:sorry: You wanna fight?! HUH HUH HUH!? :box:

Oh btw look at this pic.. it -so- made my day

Dir en grey.. you funny boys you


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Originally posted by Illaparatzo-sama
Kyo doesn't count as 'pretty' anymore. Not for about a year or two now. THUS HE IS IRRELEVANT!


Now he's just "tad bit freaky, but still cool, J-rock guy." He's not ugly, but he's not someone I'd describe as "pretty" either. :p One of y'all needs to look at the following screenshot and clarify what the heck makes a word like "pretty" come to mind...


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:smoke: Kyo is sexy. What are you talking about? Kyo is a pretty boy so sush.. he is beautiful in my eyes.. and Kuro's too... PRETTY OKAY PRETTY!😍

*dances funky chicken* :eek:

Image removed due to profanity. You should know better...
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Yes! KyoKyo is entirely right! And, just because he is not up to YOUR definition of 'pretty' doesn't mean he is not pretty to us! After all, this thread is all about opinion, and it is our opinion that Kyo is PRETTY!!!! (*thinks* and handsome, and kawaii, and just so darn cool! 😌.)
XD !!!! One of my fav pics!!!!

:)mad: This one is quite yellow.....>.< !! Still love it though!! ^_^)


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