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This is the 'epic battle' thread!!!

Onigiri Chan said:
Hey hey, welcome back Japanimaniac!
Good luck fighting with Kuro, her highness hasn't responded yet.
I fight winner? =o

AHHH!!! :bikkuri: I am SOOOO sorry Onigiri!! I didn't see yours or Japanimaniac's Posts!!!! :(

Anyways, Im back in the ring now, so, well, if you two happen to come back....*sits down on the ground* I'm here now. :p
*Pulls up waves new blond hair out of face :smoke: (died it hehe ^^-)* god you guys are boiring :snore: ill know now to neva leave agin now hehe.:nihonjin: You miss me 👍 :( I missed yall
Hi Sweetie !!!

You know Uncle Frank ALWAYS misses ya!!

Glad to see you checking in. Only J-Rockers around the Forum lately. I guess no one has imagination anymore?

Uncle Frank

🎈 😎 🌹 :valentine :win: 😄
I'd Get You To Go To Chat, But....

my favorite show, "LOST" starts in a few minutes and you have to really pay attention to it's details to keep up with it. You take care and keep checking in .


Frank D. White said:
my favorite show, "LOST" starts in a few minutes and you have to really pay attention to it's details to keep up with it. You take care and keep checking in .



Ha! I'm watching the first season DVDs. It's addicting.

Yes, a pointless post, but I felt compelled to share, heh. :p
👍 Yay! T-Chan finally came back! 👍

Oh, Japanimaniac & Uncle Frank, Lost is the BEST, ne? I love it! Got addicted the first season, and if i miss any new episodes, i get like an acholic in withdrawal. :D
Tada! *ping*

Yes Im back haha! 😎 *swings hair to side, smiles* whats up kuro long time no see hehe :p this forum has gotten weird so i had to come back and make it the epic battle forum agin 🙂
:devilish: Darn Straight! :devilish:

So, i'm still waiting to fight. :box: Wanna take on ya old fighting buddy, T-Chan? :box:

(Since no one else has come back...:()

Im sry eheh 😌

Dosnt answere the question right away* "hmmm :? "*comes up to and and ducks down and trips you then stands up and pulls sword out and holds it to your neck*"y not heh" :box:
A blade is put against T-Chan's throat. The Kuro toshi's sword is on, smiles, turns into a shadow, and evaporates.

"Have you forgotten i'm the master of shadows, young one?"
how can i forget? *smirks, turns head quickly to side and grabs her sword blade and flips up abover her and head back down in a low kick with my gogo boots heh*
Blood Flies from Kuro's mouth. "Ack!" She is thrown a couple feet away, but gets back up, and narrowly misses Toshi's next kick.

"heh. You have learned a lot in your absence, T-Chan. That will make this all the more enjoyable. :devilish:" Kuro smiles, and suddenly, toshi's sword shatters. Kuro holds up her hand, and on her fingers are metal finger covers, and the tips are glowing with light.

"of course, i have also learned new things, mainly, a new technique called Garotting." Kuro moves two of her fingers slightly, and toshi's face is cut, as is her arm.

"Won't this be an interesting fight, my dear friend? :devilish:"
*Stands aside leaning on the wall in the shadows, his cold blue eyes gleming.*

"Master of the shadows? What a joke! Have you forgoten who is the lord of shadows around here? I presume you want to claim the title of mistress of the shadows eh? Not if I can help it! I'm in control of shadows around here!"

*Shadows starting to materialize into shadow warriors and he himself sinks beneath the ground inside his own shadow.*

"Shadow travel..."

*He says calmly as his figure, dressed in dark ninja outfit, with katana behind the back emerges besides two ladies and his blue eyes meet up with Toshi's*

"It's been a while Toshi-dono. I just want to thank you for all the great times we had around here, this place brings up memories. I'm happy for you and I don't have any regrets. Would you still allow me to fight by your side?"

*He said with a calm look on his face and his arms crossed on his chest. His face was covered with mask, so it was hard to tell about his expression. He was as calm as he never was before, it was almost like he had changed.*

((Good thing this thing is still goin on, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check out this role play, but I'll do my best. Now who's up for a fight?))
Looks like this thing is dieing again. Himura-dono actually joined my forum and gave me exlusive rights to spread the epic battle everywhere, so now you can find him and epic battle tread at Nihon Jo! Go visit it someday, lol
Himura-dono! It's good to see you here. I just wish that this place would be more active. I think we need to think of a new adventure here. Anybody have any ideas?
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