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This is the 'epic battle' thread!!!


19 Jun 2003
This is the thread for all the warriors (and spectors) out there!!!
Brave souls, here we go!!
-If you don't know how fighting in here works, just ask^^

*...and Swifty...I.ve been waiting for you...^-^*

Hey Nikki!! Hi Hi!!! btw...Every fighter has to describe his warrior before fighting (mine will follow soon 😊 )
Name:Nikki_the_insane (XD)
Weapon:The Indestrucatable Crystal Axe
Powers: Cure Magic and Light Magic
Super Form:Crystal Niffer
Counter Part (used for some attacks in Crystal Niffer Form): Kiffer (or Kitty in her regular form :) )
Oufit: Silver Hair, where's purple Bikini and purple braclets (like my avatar) kiffer has the same thing except her hair is tinted blue and outfit is blue too ;P)
I think that's all, let me know if there is somehting else I should add. :D
Lock & Load !!

Hope my picture downloads ! I'm a virgin at this !

AWWW, Picture too big to load !!

RULES: -You fight by discribing your moves (*jumps* *pulls out his sword* *dodges his attack* ...) You can also use pics (like animated gifs) to explain your actions. Every fighter is allowed to use a normal and a (stronger!!!) superhuman form. Please post your exact details before fighting.
Name: Himura ^-^
Weapon: CloudCollector, the legendary dark Katana
Powers: Demon Power
Super Form: Dark Demon (picture)

Outfit: Black samurai clothing.
Adds: The legendary CloudCollector is able to cut through everything(!) -except its sheath.
Special Techinques: The Hadoken, The Demon Sword-Techniques, Secret CloudCollector-Powers, immediate wound healing, flying and some else...^^


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Jees way to make yourselves invincible lol
cut through anything

so basically all you have to do is attack and we die?
what fun is that?

name: Swifty

Weapon:Double Sword (nothing fancy, but very stable)

Powers: Extremely fast Speed and Very high skill in Sword play and Hand to hand combat, can fly due to speed, (sort of like dragon ball hehe), Original attack patterns which are hard to prepare for.

Looks: 5'9" more ripped then build body(still very strong, yet flexable)
White fighting outfit ^_^ - eyes that resemble that of a cat :D

Special Techniques - Evasion and cat like reflexs, resistant to magics
and quick healing (wolverine style hehe)


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Weapon::Guymelef(with large sword), Mortal Sword Combat(smallsword)
Powers:: Spells-Curaga, Blind, shield, Evasion, swift, DragonFire.
Forms:: Dragon and Guymelef

ahhhh...I love mechas. So my charcater wields a guymelef. My name is escaflowne and when not in the machine i use a sword with magic spells.

Character appearnce:: My face=ava. bout 6'1, strong, body cut, Often a loner with noOne accompanying him. Wears, dragon slaying armor which is darkblue and white.

Just me and my Guymelef! 👍
Name: Yuumei
Weapons: Katana and a small dagger
Powers: (a fox demon)
Forms: Human and fox form

Appearance: (human form) Pink hair with red fox ears. Extremely sharp teeth and claws and wears a ligh blue kimono. (eh... I drew a pic of this I'll see if I can scan it in later...)
Hiya!!! Welcome members!! ...the thing with the arena might become a probleme... probably we'll need a new one each week... but if we buy a dozen on is free ;) haha... looking forward to fight!!!

More Fighters please!!! 🙂
Oh, darn I wanted to add this like two days ago but my edit post was already expired.

I wanted to add, I can see spirits of light that protect me or help me attack. I suppose like a summon. And their are different ones I use. Like one can boost my speed for an attack, or one will protect me from one huge blast. That sort of thing.

Also about battles, it would get awful confusing if more than one battle was going on so when we have enough memebers maybe you should make a list of who fights who first, second and so on. Also maybe a limit to how many ppl can fight on one team. Liek 3 on each team at the max or asomething. Just to make it organized.
Shall we start a tournament? -Probably we are the strongest forum ever, so we shouldn't fight each other.... we should battle another forum!!!! Hahahaaaa!! >> jRef vs. ?? <<
I'm moving this to the Anime forum since:

a) The overall theme and general tone is clearly derived from Anime and geared towards Anime fans.


b) A similar thread already exists there.
jee u guys took all the good ideas already :(, but i'll try to think of somthing.
Yea you have to have afav. anime or something. like me its
Lord Van is a mortal sword combat guy.
So when i'm innot in my guymelef i use mortal sword combat. And i added some spells to make him a little more interesting. Then you have to think. He can use those same spells when he's in the guymelef!!!
:D :p :p :D :p :D
The possiblities are endless!👍
Sry. 4 the extra one. I pushed refresh which sent it again...:p

But on another note. I forgot to Add

Spell--Mighty Guard.(invincible for a limitied time.)
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