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It must be done: Nice Thing Thread!!


14 Nov 2003
Very easy!
post something nice about the person that posted before you!

Let the games begin!
;) 👍 👏 👍 ;)
first person to welcome me after i posted my introduction :) (at least i think it was him)

but if that reason is valid then i'll just say he's very friendly and chatty
I wish I knew something to say :D
From what the others write, I guess it must be a nice thing. Sounds like Martha Stewart... :D
I guess Escaflowne is a great anime too, but I haven't seen it yet... :eek:
Oh, sorry....Martha always says it's a good thing....so I guess she doesn't have to be nice... :D
I'll have to think about it some more.....goes back down to consult the Olde Ones in R'lyeh.... :p
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