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It's not really Japanese kanji. Looks like someone took some kanji and added some bits onto them.
I mean, the first one kind of looks like 正 (truth, justice) with some extra strokes added to it. The second one kind of looks like 木 (tree) with an extra stroke added to it.

But adding strokes renders the kanji into something nonsensical.

Just like if you added a dot or a line to the letter "K".
It doesn't turn it into a new letter, it just turns it into a ridiculous-looking "K".
Thank You, Majestic!
That's why OCRs did not recognize it...
Have you considered that it might be simplified Chinese characters, which are different than those used in Japan?

I would bet that it's actually the following, which would be incomprehensible from a Japanese context, as @Majestic has said.

巫术 wushu (wu1shu2) witchcraft, sorcery
That perfectly explain why a dot is on upper right of 木. I initially thought that it might be a Japanese surname 巫木 Kannagi.
Greetings to all, I would very much appreciate if someone would be so kind to translate what is stamped into the World War I Artillery Short Sword in the picture. It was most likely carried in WW II as well.


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