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  1. ramajseba

    Help Kanji tattoo help

    Hey y'all :) I've been looking forward to getting a tattoo for a long time, and I've come to a conclussion that a kanji tattoo would be my best bet, to define myself as a human being. I want to tattoo positivity from beginning to end. And what i mean by that is that, a very crucial thing in my...
  2. kanukanu

    Help with translation/Japanese

    Hello, I need help. I want to name my page's name into "Animanga Daisuki". Is it alright in terms of meaning? And is "アニマンガダイスキ" alright too since I want a literal translation. Thank you so much.
  3. F

    Help Where do I start and how do I approach RTK 1?

    Hellooo. So I want to start learning Japanese. I looked at Ikenna's recommendations and so on. I thought of using Pimsleur and Assimil as a starting point, however, I don't know if that is a good idea and all that. The second problem I have is that I don't know how to approach RTK 1. I was...
  4. A

    Revolutionary meaning in Japanese 革命児 and 革命家

    Hello, I just tried to learn the word "revolutionary". One way to write it is 革命児 read as かくめいじ (Kakumeiji) another translation seems to be 革命家 かくめいか (Kakumeika) what is the difference between the two/ when is one used and not the other? Only the last kanji differs, so I'm curious how that...
  5. W

    Kanji to English translation help

    Could anyone please help me translate the kanji on the back of this Seiko watch to English? I would greatly appreciate any help!! Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Kanji stamps from Pilot's Helmet 002.jpg

    Kanji stamps from Pilot's Helmet 002.jpg

    Kanji stamps from pilot's helmet 002.
  7. Kanji stamp from Pilot's Helmet 001.jpg

    Kanji stamp from Pilot's Helmet 001.jpg

    Kanji stamp from Pilot's Helmet 001
  8. Z

    Translation Help Please

    Can someone please Translate and provide the correct kanji for the term "Never Truly Quiet" I'm a beginner, so having it in hiragana or in anyway helps! Thank You, very much.
  9. mo_duck

    Tattoo Help!

    I know this has been asked a lot, but I want to make sure what I am requesting is not disrespectful to the Japanese culture and it’s citizens. So growing up, my parents have always said “if you fall, then get back up and continue on”. I have always lived by this saying. I did some research on...
  10. J

    Where Can I Find a Japanese Cursive Font for Microsoft Word?

    Hi, I've been looking (and failing) to find a commercial-use, Japanese language font in cursive style. Do any of you know where I can find one to download? I'm preferably looking for a free one, but willing to pay if the fee is reasonably small (under £20.00 / ¥2,652). I've scrutinised the...
  11. A

    Question New "Japanese the Written Language Book" - Has anyone seen it??

    I just discovered that a new Japanese the Written Language book (Part 1 Volume 2) was published in 2018 - it, covers Hiragana and 100 Kanji. Along with the Part 1 Volume 1, which covers the Katakana, it supercedes the "Field Test Edition" Volume 1.. I have searched and searched, and I...
  12. arsalan.rex

    Vertical translation from english to kanji

    Hey, Can someone please help me translate this text to Japanese " The Twisted Kunai "? It's supposed to be the title of a story of a young prodigy with a dark soul. Don't forget to mention both the literal and symbolic translation of your answer. The translation is to be in vertical script...
  13. Ioujka

    Question How Terrible Is My Kanji Handwriting?

    I made this attempt at writing a fairly advanced term in kanji from memory, and I was wondering how terrible of an attempt it was. (Attempted) Kanji Reading - げんしりょくはつでんしょ - Nuclear Power Plant
  14. A

    Kanji N2 : Shin Kanzen Master or Native material?

    Hello everyone. My primary goal when learning Japanese is to be able to read contemporary litterature (specifically untranslated light novels and visual novels) so I mainly focused on grammar, written comprehension and kanji (I listen to a lot of native material so I'm not worried about...
  15. E

    Need help translating this

    I'm translating a book from Japanese to English to help me to learn some vocab and test my knowledge of kanji and sentence structure. Having trouble with this one: 今日は 初めからツイてる Using dictionaries and translation websites, I've come up with this: " Today was the beginning I'm twisting." Which...
  16. Sarah Szabo

    Help Identifying a Kanji Tatoo

    I've received a request from a friend to identify a Kanji tattoo he was interested in getting (I've already run him through the usual reasons why he shouldn't get a Kanji tattoo, but he insists on getting one anyway (It doesn't look half bad either), but I couldn't identify the Kanji it is...
  17. S

    夜中 confusion

    I am starting the arduous journey of studying the japanese language and my first reference has ended up being 'Concerning the Sound of a Train Whistle in the Night'. A character says '夜中の汽笛くらい'. Furigana of 夜中 is given as よなか in the book but Tenjin dictionary example sentences all translate as...
  18. qbicc

    Question How should i learn kanji?

    こんにちわ, I have a question about how to efficiently learn my Kanji. Right now per day I am learning the on reading of 7 Kanji (1 page in my book), additionally the kun readings as vocabulary and for each kanji: the most common multiple kanji word that uses this kanji and kanji I already know. Now...
  19. H

    Kanji Readings

    Hi, can anyone please help me? I wan to learn kanji as I have already learned kana. So, which kanji reading should one use for a particular context or situation? As most of us know, one kanji has several different readings. So which one to use in the right way? Is it spontaneous? Or is it...
  20. shibakaneki

    Kanji Mobile Application

    Hello, I am learning Japanese from many years already and I decided to use my experience of learning Japanese language to create a mobile application to help people learning this nice language. I created a small survey (it takes max. 2min to complete) to ask everyone what you expect from a...
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