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  1. E

    What kanji symbol does this look like?

    Hello - I'm writing a fiction piece with Japanese characters who find this symbol (below) and are trying to figure out what it represents. I know this isn't a kanji symbol, but I'm wondering what word or sound a Japanese-speaking person might think this looks like...
  2. S

    Request Kanji Tattoo word feedback

    Hi have been looking to get a tattoo done in Japanese (kanji) for long time due to my love towards overall Japanese way of life. I wanted to do something related to family and found some ideas which I wanted to make sure is right? I have attached a image which was supposedly means "My Family...
  3. L

    Japanese language learning experiment

    Hello, As an assignment for a project, I am conducting research on Artificial Intelligence and language learning. This may help me to better understand the possibilities of artificial intelligence in language learning. Here is the link to the survey. There is an experiment by Google embedded...
  4. JapaneseLily

    Kanji WEEK #shorts

    The kanji WEEK in less than one minute.
  5. JapaneseLily

    Kanji REST

    Kanji REST in less than one minute.
  6. JapaneseLily

    Kanji 読 #shorts

    Kanji READ in less than one minute.
  7. JapaneseLily

    Kanji Parts 部首

    Kanji Parts 部首 in less than one minute.
  8. Jhopesstrawberry

    Conversational Kanji

    Hey guys! I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a while since I have had an interest in Japan for yearsss! I was wondering what are the most common kanji that is used in every day japanese language. (Conversational) I feel most of the kanji I see in first level of textbooks are more of what I...
  9. Valerio323

    Help whit translate a kanji

  10. Valerio323

    Help to translate this id book All help is appreciated

  11. S

    Radicals in Kanji

    Hi Jref, I've been "studying" radicals on WaniKani for the last few days and have reached a point where I can practice my first Kanji. Now I'm being told that the Kanji for eight consists of one radical, but in my opinion the Kanji and Radical don't look the same at all. (except for the left...
  12. I

    Japanese people writing kanji

    I'm curious about how many kanji can japanese people nowadays write.old persons know more how to write kanji?
  13. thomas

    News 'War' kanji of the year 2022

    Isn't it sad? The kanji of the year 2022 is sen, meaning "battle", "fight", "competition": 戦 https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E6%88%A6 Photo credit: Kyodo https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2022/12/12/national/2022-kanji-war/
  14. tany

    How can I write Light innocent or innocent light? is for a poem

    I want to write a poem for a japanese friend, and I dont know how can I write innocent light, or light innocent perfect. I use traductor but, I dont know if 光 あどけない is correct, or is 無邪気な光. Maybe both are wrong, I dont know :(
  15. qanww

    Need help with kanjis for tattoo

    Uuuh ok, so my sister wants to get a tattoo with the word "karma" in kanji, she doesn't speak a word of japanese and neither I do, so she sent me some words that appeared in google when searching the word karma. She mainly wants to know whats the difference between them lol 業 カルマ 宿業 Thanks in...
  16. L

    Is this a Masamoto knife?

    Hi I am Lorenzo, I am sure someone can help me. I am interested in buying this used set of knives: i am pretty sure about the deba and the takohiki being from the Masamoto manufacture but I am not sure about the yanagiba (the photo with the wooden background and the one with dark blue...
  17. U

    Help Good Luck Flag - Real or fake? Can anyone translate it?

    I’m looking for a translation of this Japanese good luck flag. I believe it is written in old kanji. It would also be appreciated if someone could tell me whether it is real or fake. Thank you
  18. chrisallen236

    Good luck flag

    I now have one of these flags from my late Grandmother. My Grandmother and Grandfather served in the Royal Air Force and was stationed in Singapore during WW2. Could someone please translate some of it. Id like to know who the flag belonged to and if it was awarded by an academy or similar...
  19. JREF

    Kanji Breakthrough 2022-03-14

    Mary Sisk Noguchi was a Japan Times columnist remembered for Kanji Clinic, a regular column that featured every month on the Bilingual page from 2001 and then bimonthly from 2010 until 2012. With her friendly and encouraging style, columnist Mary Sisk Noguchi helped readers unravel the...
  20. Kian caisley

    Question Quote from Princess Mononoke

    New to the forum but would be grateful if anyone could help, I’m trying to find out an accurate Kanji translation of the quote ‘see with eyes unclouded by hatred’. Princess Mononoke was my favourite film to watch with my Nan and coming up to her anniversary and my 18th I figured it would be a...
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