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  1. musicisgood

    Need some info on this translation to English

    This is the Book of Mormon. Its been in my possession for ... well... I'm not sure if this book is the original from the Taisho Period. If so, it would make it about 100 years old. If you have any info regarding the pictures, I'd appreciate it. Also, how can I go about finding its value, might...
  2. Profectus

    Can I get help settling a translation dispute?

    Unless it's rude to ask, I would like responses mainly from Japanese native speakers, please. There is this scan from the guidebook for the Dragon Ball Z anime with a translation that is generally debated. The scan describes the Dragon Ball afterlife, which is a higher plane of existence. The...
  3. J

    Translation help

    Hello everyone I’m Joe! I’m new here. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the translation with this flag? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!
  4. rafaelw203

    Asking for translation

    Dear forum, I am doing an Erasmus right now in Budapest and I found this letter in my room. I think it is Japanese and I am asking you, if you could translate this letter for me. Sadly, google translator can not translate it for me. Best regards, Rafael
  5. O

    Good Luck flag translation

    I recently purchased this flag. I hope it is an authentic Good Luck flag. And I was wondering if anyone could translate it.
  6. N

    Japanese rose quartz bracelet translation

    Hi everyone, My daughter was given this rose quartz bracelet by a friend who picked it up on a trip to Japan. She’s desperate to understand the translation but the characters are a little faded so it’s tricky to decipher. Can anyone translate it? (Sorry if I’ve photographed it upside down…)...
  7. minsighs

    Translation accuracy? Short text

    Hello! I would just like to check if this translation is somewhat accurate to the English text. スロベニアのコーヒー文化 いつ? 例えば: 放課後に友達と 仕事帰りに同僚と どこで? 自宅で 大学のカフェで そうして これらの人々は何時間もチャットしますとコ一ヒをのみます。 リュブリャニツァ川を歩くとカフェがたくさんです。テーブルと椅子があるところならどこでも。この活動は食事ではありませんが、 社交の機会あります。したがって"テイクアウトコーヒー"は珍しい。 Original text...
  8. bldrhouse

    Question Translation? -- Google terrible.

    I ran this thru Google translate numerous times and what i got back were dreadful snippets, some of which were almost funny... were they not about something serious such as not dying "like a dog.." I note that the text below the English is a translation of that, but the rest....? The leaflet...
  9. bldrhouse

    Japanese WWII war art translation

    I just got this beautiful album of Japanese WWII war art, published in 1944 (?) by Asahi Shimbun. The seller in Japan has labeled it JAPANESE GREATER EAST ASIA WAR ART BOOK VTG DAITOA SENSO SENSO-GA perhaps a literal translation of the cover text? In any case, while I could get "senso"...
  10. bldrhouse

    Question WWII IJA Surrender leaflet translation

    the front has: While the verso is a lot of text, and while I would greatly appreciate as much translation as anyone wants to provide, I would very much like to have the main headings since I understand it lists Allied victories against the Imperial forces. Thank you as always... Zigy
  11. B

    Translation woodworking machinery

    I bought some woodworking machinery and painted on all of them. I am just trying to determine what it means.
  12. B

    One Word, brand translation question

    Hello, I would like to ask for one or two word translation since I dont trust Google translator. Is there a diference when translating brand names? Or should they be translated to sound like the brand in english? For exaple Samsung or nike. The Word i would like you to help me translate is...
  13. saw maung gyi


    May I request for the translation of kanji logo printed on the ceramic pot.
  14. Strillian

    Question いいねをくれないなら、金を払え!what's meaning?

    How can I construe"いいねをくれないなら、金を払え!" in English who can help me to make a maual translation, I don't want to use online google translator, It's kind of weird when I interrogated chinese people about relative comic for the baidu and then the chinese person replied and left this message ...
  15. A

    Help Help with paybook translation

    Hi all. I was a little bit busy, so I had some proyects stopped, but now I have started again. Here is one of these. A paybook from the russo-japanese war. I have been translating it, but I am a little bit stuck with some locations. The locations on the left should be near Liaoyang 遼陽. Could...
  16. D

    Question Poetry Translation Help

    Hello, I've been working on translating a propaganda leaflet that has a line of poetry that is giving me some trouble. 「死なずとも、よかる汨羅に、身をすてゝへん屈原の、名をのこしけり」Its based off of Qu Wuan's "death" poem for context. Admittedly poetry is really pushing the limits of my translation ability let alone old...
  17. G

    Flag translation help

    Hello Dear friends , Thank you for letting me join. I am a Military Collector in Greece and bought a Good Luck Flag from a friend in NY. Could one of the members here translate the Flag for me ? I would love to learn what it says and the Soldier's name or any information. Thank you
  18. Kichi - Read any Japanese and make flashcards

    Apps Kichi - Read any Japanese and make flashcards

    Kichi is the fastest way to read and remember Japanese - extract Japanese text from images and turn it into flashcards. A few easy taps is all it takes, and you can start with a free week trial to see if you like it. To use Kichi, you simply share an image to the app. Then tap on any word in the...
  19. phamquang


    Can you guys help me to translate these sentences into English? Thank you in advance!!! ありがとうございました。 1. 総体的に能力高いので、常識として分かっていると思い任せてしまうと問題になるケースがある(製造業)。 2. なぜ職場を掃除するのか、なぜ税金や保険料を納付するのかといった点について理解できない人材が多い(IT業)。 3. スタッフ、ワーカー共にモラルが低く自国の習慣や価値観にとらわれがちだが徐々に世界を意識し始めている(製造業)。
  20. Dudubird69

    Need help with Japanese mark translation

    Hello, can someone help me with this mark translation and if it has a meaning?, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!
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