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Question Looking for music video over years. Need help


7 Jun 2021
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Hi guys, i am looking since years for a music video but i cant find it anymore.

It was with a female japanese singer with long white hair that looks like a wig with a bang.The song was more trace pop and she was sitting on a relaxe lounge. I am not sure if there was also snow and thunter involved. its must be a song from the 90-2000 year. She was from my memory also blinded with a fabric ribbon in some scene . I am not sure if the song was from a game.

I have in my head the complete time the name Kokoro in it but i dont find anything.

I know its not so much but i still dont loose home that there is somebody that say oh i know that.

It would be so amazing when this side will help me to find this amazing song again.
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