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  1. spooky donut

    looking for some help!

    hey, is there any japanese person or someone with a japanese phone number out there who can help me? i need a japaenese phone number for the authentication on mobage! so yeah it'd be nice if i could get help. thanks in advance.
  2. L

    Search for my father's mom and sister. Family name: Kohzai

    Hi, I am Lucky Kohzai (Lucky is just a nickname of mine in case if I'm dealing with the right people or not). Let me briefly introduce him and me: I live in the Philippines with a half Filipina and half Japanese blood. My father is named Hirofumi Kohzai (or Kozai), he is a pure Japanese descent...
  3. Kevyn Method

    Travel Traveling to Japan

    Hi, my name is Kevyn, I am 27 and traveling to Japan from May 9-30. I'm excited as well as nervous to have finally made this decision . This is my first time out of the US and I'm traveling solo, so this is an important step for me, or at least that's how I feel. I am staying in Tokyo, and would...
  4. Lady Orisha

    Help Finding Japanese Music Label Auditions Online

    Hello Everyone:x3::smuggrin::x3: I am an African American Solo Artist and I wanted to look for some Japanese Music Label's to audition for! I thought this would be the best place to ask! My music and video ideas will fit great with the overseas themes and I am extremely eccentric myself; so, I...
  5. Kuroi25

    Can someone help me to translate these phrases into english?

    Hello there! I'm translating a song into spanish, but there's some japanese phrases in it and I don't understand what they say, I'd be thankful if you can help me translating them :D Here they are: 雨粒世界を滑る 淡い記憶が押し寄せる 変わらないイメージを見つけ出せたらもう恐れない It's "Stay as Who You Are" by "Fear, and Loathing in...
  6. Y

    Please help, need to understand this instruction. ^_^

    hi! Im baking a cookie from a japanese cookbook. Ive done and understood most of the steps. Except this one. So in the recipe, it tells me to add eggs to butter and whisk. The next step says 九分くらいなじんだところでストップ. Ive done google and other translate and it comes up with something along of 'Stop...
  7. T

    grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix

    hi guys, i 'm tyki and i have a question but i couldn't find the grammar section can someone guide me or provide a link towards the grammar section . i need to post grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix(Not honorifics i dont wanna know bout -san -chan- etc) but i...
  8. KenmaXhan

    Monbukagakusho Scholarship

    I've been doing some research on it but haven't really found much. Either it's me, or there isn't really that much information on it. I hope to be an undergraduate student studying in Japan. I hope to go when I graduate high school, I just turned 15 (today go-figure). 1) What are the language...