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Have any songs stuck in your head all day or everyday and can't get out?

I have the opening song to Azumanga currently stuck in my head, and it's driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: :banghead: (lu la lu la lu)🔫 (go away, please, go away)
All day, Gackt's 'mizerable' was stuck in my head....and now it's X Japans's 'Kurenai' *bangs head* I want Mizerable back! You-san's violin skillz own me!! :D
Gackt - Last song
Rentrer en soi - Protoplasm
Miyavi - Kimi negai wo
Alice Nine - Fantasy
Malice Mizer - Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to
Gackt - Hoshi no suna
An Cafe - Pearingu
D'espairsRay - Facism
Gackt - Dears

🙂 🙂
The song, "I'm too sexy", can't remeber who did it.. It´s so funny, and so annoying. XD
Ow man carless whisper and rudolph the red nose riendeer are killers ow no now i have them on the brain *sigh*

that and Aqua Barbie Girl

@Sid i'm too sexy is by right said fred ^_^ i love to hate that song lol
Old post coming back to life !

I've got "The Answer" and "I-D-E-A" in my head. They're the opening and ending of MegaMan X....4 I think. Maybe 5.
Actually it's Megaman X6 .. u were close .. and yeah these songs are the type that gets stuck in ur head , they're gr8 ! 👍
JEALOUS -reverse- - Dir en Grey
Alibi - SID

Great songs. But not if you've gotten them stuck in your head for the past 7 hours. And you can't sing to them too good. 😌 Out of my head now, thankfully.

Now it's

Hosoi Koe - SID
Merry - Sayonara Ame (Rain). I love that song oh so much.
Mika Nakashima - Hitoiro
Crystal Kay - KTK
Miyavi - Kimi Ni Negai Wo
SID - Otegami
MUCC - Gerbera
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Winter Fall
Abingdon Boys School - Innocent Sorrow

and lot's more. My mind is a mp3 player.
Same two songs. It's these lines though.

Alibi - SID :

"nami nami yosete wa kaerazu machi kodou zenya"

and "doramatikkusa ni kaketeru wakare mo yoshi to shite baibai [byebye]"

JEALOUS -reverse- - Dir en Grey :

"kokoro wa kizutsuite iyasezu ni
iroasete yuku
ai wa kuzure yuku naka de"

I love this english translation line though - "I'll bloom as the poison flower
and become the flower that blooms again."


Otegami - SID

"toku ni kyou to kimeta no wa sora aoi kara"

I love the word "aoi".
hide-samas'- Lemoned I screamed and Rocket Dive.
"Speed Freaks Baby Rocket Dive"
I love his voice!! I'm really not trying to get them out of my head either.
I often have the song Dearest from Ayumi in my head, but then again kinda normal if you consider the fact that I sometimes play it on repeat for hours straight o_O
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