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News Japan to release 1m tonnes of contaminated water into sea


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14 Mar 2002
Last week, it was reported that the Japanese government is planning to release 1.2m tonnes of contaminated water into the sea off Fukushima . The release would start in 2022 and take about a decade. Currently, every single day the amount of contaminated water, the government calls it "treated radioactive water", increases by about 170 tonnes. Tepco's liquid processing system removes highly radioactive substances, but not tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that - again according to government experts - in small doses is not harmful to humans. Local fishermen oppose the release, fearing for their industry which has been boycotted by South Korea and China.

PM Suga has promised a "swift decision".

Here's an interesting feature by Al Jazeera. They interviewed Jan Haverkamp (Greenpeace), Michael Penn (Shingetsu News Agency), and Tomohiko Taniguchi (former adviser to Shinzo Abe) who, unsurprisingly, have quite opposing views on the issue.

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