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9.0 Earthquake/Tsunami/Fukushima


28 Feb 2013
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Raven Bo

25 Dec 2013
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TEPCO seriously ****** up on all levels here. I fear the earthquake was the catalyst for nightmare at the nuclear power plant. That is what happens when you don't reinvest into your energy sources and leave them to rot.
General Electric screwed up. TEPCO technically had right to dump all responsibility to Japanese government due to fact that it was cause mainly by a natural disaster. Japanese government should have take over immediate. Regardless though, not much could been done sense things were dangerous for humans to fix.

" A General Electric Co engineer said he resigned 35 years ago over concern about the safety of a nuclear reactor design used in the now crippled Fukushima"
If accident happened in usa, GE would been bankrupt.
1) Very faulty design and unconcerned about safety
2) GE(were expert) and built it at that location
3) Faulty procedure.
If accident was in usa, GE would be bankrupt.
There might be TPP related conspiracy to ripoff electric utilities and nuclear plants. They want to buy it pennies on the dollar.

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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Trash posts so he can plug his uni . I removed the link and may remove him.

Uncle Frank


1 Dec 2015
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I visited 石巻市in宮城県 this year.
石巻市 is one of the city that suffered the most on 311 tsunami.
half of the city was swept away by tsunami and now most of the residents have moved away.
here is a website about this city
石巻・大震災まなびの案内 | 社団法人 石巻観光協会

I think apart from the glamorous sides, its also good to look at the other side of Japan.
311 was a tragedy and we should not forget it


10 Jun 2009
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I visited up there the next year after we got hit in 2011 and I left the immediate are of a memorial service almost immediately when I realized I had absolutely no business being there.

I know memorial services because I have had to attend some officially, and sometimes unofficially. I know them very, very well.

But that one -- I had no business being there. It was a very strange realization.

So I got back on that train system and went to where, at that time, it just stops. They stopped service beyond that station because of that power plant. That I took pictures of. Couldn't take any at that earlier place I made note of just above.

March 11th, -- a Friday -- 2011. The very strange thing about that for me is that about 48 hours earlier I made a note to some of my staff on my own website that I was really worried about a strange earthquake we had. It was a pre-shake, now we are told. It wasn't so strong. But it had a very strange feeling about it and it bugged me to no end. And I have felt a whole bunch of shakes over the years, but that pre-shake -- that one had me concerned. Strangest thing.

So on that Friday afternoon when the first big shake started I was almost certain where it was coming from. I was very lucky in the location I was at when the shakes happened in the first hour or so. But had a problem with one individual I ended up needing to calm down and keep from going into a panic. Was a rather enclosed public area and so none of the folks knew me. Very interesting to see the range of reactions of those around me as we got shook by Jishin-sama. But we were in a rather safe place and there really was no need for panic. The big worry was how family members were making out. All that fancy communications stuff don't work so well when Mother Nature decides to show us who really is the boss.

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