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9.0 Earthquake/Tsunami/Fukushima


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15 Jul 2004
Japan was just hit by an 8.9 earthquake. There are reports of high rises swaying in Tokyo, massive tsunami hitting off the coast of Sendai, and that's all I know right now. I will be updating this post with more information as it's released, let's pray and hope that the death toll is minimal.

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2008, japan helped us get thru the deadly earthquake and they even mourned for the dead. 2011 chinese people are celebrating what's happening now in japan. i'm sorry but that makes me feel stupid for being a part of that 1.3 billion people.
I'm so sad when I received this mother nature's disaster news. As the matter of fact, I'm watching at the live news from BBC.... I pray for the people... Kanashii!
32 people have been confirmed to have died as a result of this earthquake and tsunami. It's only going to get higher as search and rescue teams get to the areas affected. I'd like to ask everyone to pray and hope for the people affected, as you would any other country affected by such a disaster.
Felt it here in Osaka. I first though I was getting dizzy, but later on realized that it was an earthquake... My co-worker was in the elevator on the 7th floor while it started shaking.

I hope all members in Japan are alright!
Scariest thing ever. My 16-km bicycle commute home took almost two hours. Hundreds of thousands of people are walking home, streets are jammed, but the discipline is exemplary.

I can still feel tremors while typing these lines.
Just woke to the bad news about the quake.

Hope our JREF friends and family are all safe !

Uncle Frank

i want to express my deepest condolence to all the families that have lost loved ones in this earthquake,i wish you all the strength you need now to go through this hard time.
my prayers are with you
all my sympathy is with you.
91 deaths have been confirmed from the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. This number is going to rise as more information is made available. There have been reports that the Fukushima nuclear power plant's cooling system malfunctioned, but that the reactor had already been shut down after it's sensors detected tremors exceeding a certain magnitude when the earthquake occurred. No radiation leaks, but there is an oil refinery outside of Tokyo that is currently on fire. Honestly, this is just horrible. I haven't been able to do anything but take note of what was happening(Hearing it was an 8.9 scared the crap out of me, was awake and watching the news when the Sumatra earthquake hit in 2004). Are there any JREF members living in the Tōhoku region?

I'm hoping and praying for the best for those affected by this disaster.
According to my friends there there is a worry about nuclear leakage from the atomic power plant, everyone around that area has been ordered to evacute, but if there is a leak then it could be really bad
At least 300 people have been found dead on the coast of the area affected by the tsunami/earthquake.

According to my friends there there is a worry about nuclear leakage from the atomic power plant, everyone around that area has been ordered to evacute, but if there is a leak then it could be really bad

I'm not seeing any new information about the situation with the four nuclear power plants that were shut down, but the reactors were shut down after detecting tremors exceeding a certain magnitude. Not seeing any information about radiation leaks at any nuclear power plants. There was a fire at one of the turbines at the Fukushima power plant, and the cooling system also malfunctioned, but as I said earlier, the reactor had already been shut down. I'm hoping that nothing comes of the situation with the nuclear power plants. That would be just too horrific. The tsunami has already cost Japan over 300 lives and, although a rough estimate, damages in the billions of dollars, maybe tens of billions.

Ah, crap. I almost forgot! There was a train running off the coast of the region primarily affected, and it hasn't been accounted for. It's not on the track anymore. If you find any information on that, please post it here.

If you guys get any reliable information, please post it here! And as I've said multiple times already, please pray and hope for the best for those affected!
Waaa......>< Kanashii desu! ....my heart is reaching out for the people. May God has mercy upon all of us. What a massive disaster has taken place!

I watched that on the Al Jazeera YouTube channel when it was airing live. It was pretty good coverage, but FOX also had a magnificent coverage of it too. Also, holy crap? Fires from tremor/tsunami damage have intensified in the last few hours? I take three hours from keeping up with it, and they look like several California wildfires. T_T

Oh hey, for those members in the USA feeling shy about going on Al Jazeera? Don't! Perfectly fine news network. It's been much more detail orientated than the major American news networks, but the American networks got the information quicker and whipped it out as they got it. CHOOSE AS YOU WILL! And to reiterate, any news on the missing train?

Some updates: A dam has broken open as a result of the tsunami/earthquake! Houses have been washed away. I am not sure where the dam was, or if the area was evacuated beforehand, but let's pray and hope that they were. Japan is remarkably good at handling earthquake/tsunami aftermath, so I'm certain the overall death toll will be remarkably low(One death is too much), and that is because of the commitment by the Japanese government and people to be ready when these disasters strike. Here's to the Japanese people and it's government for handling it so well.
I feel bad that I have to leave for class, I wish there was some way I help. well, to our friends in Japan, please stay safe.
Very sad and shocking news !
My prayers with all Japanese and people who live in Japan....
i hope everything will be okay soon..i've never seen earthquake like this time !

Stay safe guys and keep in touch with us please.
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until now i did't see any news know where's this trian

I just looked up some info on it. Apparently one train was confirmed to have been derailed(No information on the people aboard it, but it can't be good), and they lost contact with another in addition to the one that was derailed. To make matters worse, the aftershocks are going to be nothing to scoff at. I'm not what the exact magnitude is going to be for them, but they're reporting them to be at times as bad as the initial 8.9 quake. That's what I'm hearing from the NHK newsroom at any rate. I hope that any member in the overall area being affected by the quake does not think it's over. Please be safe!

Ban-Ki-Moon has said the UN is ready to help Japan in any way possible, and I'm uncertain of what the US military in the area is doing. I know they've been in contact with the Japanese government, but overall search & rescue efforts are not being reported on extensively, so I cannot actually say much. As far as the aftershocks have been, there have been over 80 aftershocks with a magnitude exceeding 5.0 since the initial earthquake.

Updates on the nuclear power plant situation are few and far between, but I've read that the US is sending coolant for the damaged cooling systems. The Japanese coast guard is searching for a ship that was carrying over 80 passengers that was swept away in the initial tsunami wave.

How are the measures against earthquakes in Japan's buildings? I know they've handled remarkably considering all the effort put into securing them, but I have this feeling that they haven't been tested against a long series of massive earthquakes. I'm seeing some video of some taller buildings losing some of their outer material and it's crashing down on the sidewalks below. Anyone know how much stress these buildings can handle and for how long? Are the aftershocks being exaggerated?

Google has released a person finder for those looking for people they cannot get in touch with following the disaster. You can find it here.

Reuters article


Picture of the damage after the initial tsunami. US government has officially received a request for help from the Japanese foreign minister, so I imagine they're likely preparing to aid in whatever way they can. About seven US ships are heading to the coast of the Toshoku region that was heavily affected by the earthquake/tsunami.
oh my god , situation is very bad there , i can't believe that , also too less japanese talking now !!!! am worry about all japanese .... my heart with you all
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