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  1. Hanaharu Yume no Kanade Junmai Daiginjo

    Sake Hanaharu Yume no Kanade Junmai Daiginjo

    Hanaharu Yume no Kanade Junmai Daiginjo (花春 結芽の奏 純米大吟醸酒) is made of "Maihime" rice from Aizu. "Yume no kanade" translates into "dream melody" and was brewed to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the brewery's founding. The rice is polished to 50% and slowly brewed at low temperature. Junmai...
  2. Hanaharu Nojun Junmaishu

    Sake Hanaharu Nojun Junmaishu

    Hanaharu Nojun Junmaishu (濃醇純米酒) is made of "Maihime", rice from Aizu, by aging at low temperature. A nojun junmaishu with a perfect balance of acidity. The brewery describes it as medium dry with a calm fragrance. Best served hot, lukewarm, at normal temperature, or cold. Awards: Slow Food...
  3. thomas

    News Japan to release 1m tonnes of contaminated water into sea

    Last week, it was reported that the Japanese government is planning to release 1.2m tonnes of contaminated water into the sea off Fukushima. The release would start in 2022 and take about a decade. Currently, every single day the amount of contaminated water, the government calls it "treated...
  4. T

    Honshu Radiation Map in English

    I apologize for not being clear about what links I am allowed to place here to another site that posts news stories. Probably an admin or moderator should place the link here, if that is allowed. And/or they care to do so. I am referring to a recent article posted on the Asahi page about a...
  5. JREF

    Aizuwakamatsu Tourist Guide 2019-08-10

    A tourist brochure on all things to see in and around Aizuwakamatsu in Fukushima (PDF, 8.65MB).
  6. Kori-Nishiyama Castle

    Castle Kori-Nishiyama Castle

    Kōri-Nishiyama Castle (桑折西山城 Kōri-Nishiyama-jō) is located in modern-day Koori (桑折町 Koori-machi) in Fukushima Prefecture. It was constructed by the Date clan in the Sengoku Period and was designated a National Historic Site in 1990. The Date clan derived from Isa Tomomune, later known as Date...
  7. Ryozen Castle

    Castle Ryozen Castle

    Mount Ryōzen (霊山 Ryōzen) is located 20km east of Fukushima City. It is 825 metres tall and was the location of Ryōzen Temple, a centre of Buddhist learning in the Heian Period. The temple had been established by Ennin (圓仁 or 円仁, 793/4-864), also known by his posthumous name of Jikaku Daishi...
  8. thomas

    News Government, Tepco ordered to pay ¥500 million in damages for Fukushima disaster

    This is the second court decision in favour of Fukushima residents. 500.000.000 JPY in damages for 2.900 plaintiffs = 172.414 JPY / person. Hmmm. Government, Tepco ordered to pay ¥500 million in damages for Fukushima disaster
  9. thomas

    News Nature taking over Fukushima's abandoned areas

    Last week, Asahi Shimbun published pictures taken by drones and helicopters over the areas of Fukushima that were deserted in the wake of the nuclear disaster of 2011, displaying how nature is slowly swallowing up buildings and other remnants of human civilization. A few shots below: A car...
  10. thomas

    News M7.3 quake off Fukushima

    That was quite a long tremblor we could also feel in Kanagawa. CNN just reported as M6.9. Earthquake sparks Japan tsunami warning - BBC News Tsunami warnings have been issued from Aomori to Chiba. 気象庁が津波警報、津波注意報(日本テレビ系(NNN)) - Yahoo!ニュース
  11. Miharu Castle

    Castle Miharu Castle

    Miharu Castle (三春城) is located in Miharu-machi in the Abukuma Mountains, 10km east of Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture. Being an old castle town, Miharu has many temples and a picturesque town centre held in traditional Japanese style. The castle lies on a hill called Shiroyama and faces the...
  12. thomas

    It's been five years

    Today, at exactly 14:46, it's been five years since Japan was hit by the Great Tohoku Earthquake, a day no one, especially in Eastern Japan, will ever forget. I have just read through the long thread that was created when the events began to unfold, and I was overwhelmed by the memories. I...
  13. Aizuwakamatsu Travel Guide

    Travel Aizuwakamatsu Travel Guide

    Aizuwakamatsu (会津若松市) is a city in western Fukushima Prefecture, northern Honshū, and the most important city in the Aizu basin, with a population of about 125,000 residents. Established as a castle town of the Aizu Domain (会津藩 Aizu-han) in 1592, much of the city burned in the Boshin Civil War...
  14. Aizu Sake Museum

    Museum Aizu Sake Museum

    The history of sake-brewing in Aizu goes back to the sixteenth century when Gamō Ujisato (蒲生氏郷, 1556-1595) came into Aizu by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉) and invited sake brewers into the domain. Since the climate as well as the primary local ingredients, water and rice, are perfectly...
  15. Oyakuen

    Travel Oyakuen

    Oyakuen (御薬園) is also known as “Aizuwakamatsu’s Royal Garden“. The second Chinese character 薬 (kusuri or yaku) means “medicine” and refers to the fact that medicinal plants and herbs were grown there. The garden was originally built from 1429 to 1441 as a villa for Ashina Morihisa, the tenth...
  16. Aizu Bukeyashiki

    Travel Aizu Bukeyashiki

    The Aizu Buke-yashiki (会津武家屋敷) are the reconstructed samurai mansions of the chief retainers of the Aizu-Matsudaira, the Saigō family. The Saigō had served the Matsudaira since the middle of the seventeenth century. The reconstructed manor is based on plans dating back to end of the eighteenth...
  17. Matsudaira Tombs

    Travel Matsudaira Tombs

    The Matsudaira Tombs (会津藩主松平家墓所 院内御廟 Aizuhan shumatsu dairake bosho in'naigobyō) are located in the southeastern part of Aizuwakamatsu, close to Higashiyama Village, on a hill not far from the Aizu Bukeyashiki samurai mansions. The mountain contains the tombs of eight out of nine generations...
  18. Iimoriyama

    Travel Iimoriyama

    Mount Iimori (飯盛山 Iimoriyama) is located east of Aizuwakamatsu JR Station in the town of Aizuwakamatsu in western Fukushima. In 1868, it was the location of a mass suicide of a Byakkotai unit consisting of twenty teenagers, all sons of Aizu samurai fighting against the invading pro-imperial...
  19. Fukushima Travel Guide

    Travel Fukushima Travel Guide

    Fukushima is the southernmost prefecture of the Tōhoku Region in northern Honshū and consists of three subregions: the Aizu Region (会津), or Aizu District, in the west with the principal city of Aizuwakamatsu, the Nakadōri Region (中通り), or the Ken-nan District, in the centre with the principal...
  20. Kitakata ramen

    Kitakata ramen

    Kitakata ramen are said to have originated from the town of Kitakata (喜多方) in western Fukushima Prefecture and are very popular in the Aizu region. They are curly and flat and served in a pork and niboshi broth.
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