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Stand there and do a 180, and Cycleshop Minami is across the street. Two small stations are very near there, Nishikanazawa and shin Nishikanazawa. But anyway, go east down that street and you'll see the flower shop on the right, somehow even more dilapidated looking than in my pic, then farther and the shop in the first pic will be on the left (タナベ) (after the yakiniku shop).
I like the way the tree was accommodated:


and a couple others:


Discovered yesterday at a ドンキホーテ (Don Quijote): Instant Bust!


Once you reach a certain age, all you want is to get rid of your moobs, not fake them. 😄
JRA (Japan Racing Association) organised a stamp rally in Shinjuku yesterday, displaying one of their racehorses -- or so I thought -- at the station. Passersby were invited to mount it. It was moving and neighing, but to my surprise, it turned out it wasn't real. :LOL:

Actually..., we direct them out back--out onto the porch, out the door and outside, down the (dangerous) steps. And then the next day just hose the area off after everyone is has left.
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