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What are your interests for Japan?

What are your interests for Japan ?

  • Manga & Anime

    Votes: 627 56.3%
  • Video games

    Votes: 438 39.3%
  • Martial Arts

    Votes: 347 31.1%
  • Culture in general

    Votes: 798 71.6%
  • J-pop

    Votes: 405 36.4%
  • Japanese people (friendship or more)

    Votes: 779 69.9%
  • Japanese language

    Votes: 806 72.4%
  • Japanese food

    Votes: 647 58.1%
  • Traditional Japan (tea ceremony, geisha, kabuki, noh, ikebana, ...)

    Votes: 560 50.3%
  • Religion (shinto, buddhism, zen...)

    Votes: 283 25.4%

  • Total voters
Girls. Religion. Food. I won't lie, I am mostly here just to live it up for a few years. Have no interest in learning the Japanese language nor in following "the rules". Most other long-term foreigners come down pretty hard on me for not speaking Japanese or being a "baka gaijin". It's mostly, that I just don't really give a crap what people think of me

Are there any meaning to stay in Japan. I think it is a waste of time. even kids were understood.
Although the story is different if you are a sport player who does not need Japanese.

before that it is an another problem whether you will be able to speak japanese or not.
Having given up from the beginning answers correctly.
i like Japanese Video game, Anime, Music, and Technology. Well, i love anime since i watched Digimon when i was 5. its Really cool, man ! 👍
Japanese video games are the best. Much of innovative gameplay and when it comes to RPG, no one can beat them (Japanese video game developers like square enix, etc)
I love Japanese Music ! YUI-san and LiSA-san are my favorite artists :D i also like some of anime soundtracks; Hikari E (One Piece), Crossing Field - LiSA (SAO) and more
I like technology. Anyway, japan is the world leader with the most advanced humanoid robot ASIMO. thats amazing !:D
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Video games were what got me intereted in Japan as a young guy. I would say later on it was the culture in general, the Japanese people (read: my ex-girlfriend) and the Japanese etiquette. I've always been fascinated with how polite and well-mannered Japanese people are. Of course that doesn't extend to everyone, as many people in large cities are still rude sometimes.

I would say during a brief alcoholic spell that my impression of Japan briefly changed, while I was working at a Japanese company. The only thing I truly dislike about Japan is probably the ridiculously over the top corporate work ethic and the unpaid overtime. Probably the same for most Japanese workers I am friends with.
*clicks everything because of an absence of "all of the above"* practically everything but if i had to prioritize it'll be Anime, Culture then tradition as the top 3.

hesitant in selecting Japanese people (friendship or more) but i selected it because i'd probably be more likely to find a girlfriend who enjoys anime as much as i do in japan than my local area
You know it's strange, but I've never known where my affinity for Japan originated... I seem to have always been interested, from a very young age, and for no particular reason at all. Maybe it's something deep and spiritual linking me to Japan, like my previous life was lived there... or maybe I just saw anime as a very young child and loved it! :D
I'm primarily into modern society, people, traditions and some aspects of modern pop culture, namely J-pop and video games (And character goods. Love Rilakkuma).

Anime/manga doesn't appeal to me the way it did when I was younger, because I find it boring and don't have the attention span to watch a 20 episode series, let alone a 100+ episode one.
All I know about Japan is what I've learned on TV and the internet, I'd like to befriend at least 1 japanese because I think their culture, language and habits are so interesting. If guys there are really badass and girls super cute like on TV, I would find it so interesting. But idk I've never been to Japan nor met real Japanese ☝
Culture in general
Japanese people (friendship or more)
Japanese food
Traditional Japan (tea ceremony, geisha, kabuki, noh, ikebana, ...)

I was born in Japan so I had no choice but to be interested in Japan :D But seriously, I find Japanese modern popular culture quite interesting. There are a lot of weird things even for Japanese people.
As a kid, I remember being shocked when I discovered Pokemon, this strange game and cartoon from Japan. That got the idea in my head. Once I got into my young teens, I added ninjas and samurai to the list of strange cool things from Japan. After that I grew out of it, and it really didn't cross my head for a good five years. But once I really started reading about Buddhism and later Zen in my last year of high school, I started to fall back into it. East Asia has a fascinating philosophical and cultural history that I want to learn more about. I'd like to go to Japan to experience the landscape, see the sights, and hear the sounds.
<3 Anime. So many great series out there.

I'm also obsessed with Martial Arts, I take Shotokan Karate and plan on taking others in the future.

Japanese food is so nice, and the language is great. Also interested in meeting the people.

Japanese culture and Japan's history is interesting, I enjoy learning anything new about it.
I answered everything but martial arts.
The greatest for me are Japanese people and language. I LOVE the language.
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