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  1. thomas

    Law UK refuses extradition over Japan's human rights record

    Not exactly flattering: a British court has ruled that one of three men detained over his alleged involvement in a 2015 jewellery robbery at a luxury store in central Tokyo will not be extradited to Japan, citing concerns over the country's human rights record. Japan currently only has...
  2. musicisgood

    Cycling, camping and touring Japan, does it cost a lot of money?

    1. If you have lots of money, then yes, you'll spend as you see fit. 2. If you have a daily budget ( which I do travel with ), you'll find yourself going - or + of that budget. 3. To cross country ( something I've been working on, haven't done it completely yet ), two things one must keep in...
  3. Mark_USA1

    Is there Amazon in Japan

    Hello I am renting an apartment in Japan for school. Is there Amazon in Japan ? If so, I I am not home, how do I get my deliveries ? Is there a Amazon drop box or station ? Here in the USA they just leave it on my porch of my house. Thank you for any help
  4. Mark_USA1

    Moving to Japan for School, how do you purchase bigger items ?

    Hello Moving to Japan for School, Yokohama area. I am confused on how purchasing bigger items works also how groceries works in Japan. Let me explain, I live in the USA. If I want to purchase a Bed or Appliance. I drive to the store, pay for it, I put in the back of my truck or car and...
  5. Mark_USA1

    Moving to Japan, how to get phone number ?

    Hello Moving to Japan for school, Yokohama I have a phone that does not have a SIM card slot. It uses E-Sim , I don't speak Japanese well. How do I find a cell phone company and get a plan setup for my phone.
  6. Mark_USA1

    Where to post questions to someone living in Japan

    Hello I have many questions for someone who lives in Japan. Is there a good site using a computer (not phone app) to chat with someone who lives in Japan ? What is the best board here to post questions to someone who lives in Japan ?
  7. thomas

    Defence China hacked Japan’s sensitive defence networks in 2020

    The Washington Post reported today that in 2020 Japan's National Security Agency made the alarming discovery that Chinese military hackers had compromised classified Japanese defence networks. Cyberspies from the People's Liberation Army had wormed their way into Japan's most sensitive computer...
  8. thomas

    Sports Nadeshiko Japan reaches quarterfinals

    Nadeshiko Japan deserves mention for their powerful display at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup! They demolished four successive opponents and reached the quarterfinals for the first time since 2015: Japan 5 - 0 Zambia Japan 2 - 0 Costa Rica Japan 4 - 0 Spain Japan 3 - 1 Norway...
  9. thomas

    Defence China Daily editorial: Japan is threatening us

    Here's an interesting editorial by the China Daily, accusing Japan of threatening China. :LOL: Could this be related to Japan's oh-so-peace-loving neighbourhood? In my view, Japan's constitution and foreign policy have proven its peaceful intentions for many decades. World-class military...
  10. B

    Popularity of Japanese Martial arts in Japan

    Not sure if this if the correct site to ask this question but how popular is Martial arts in Japan at the moment?
  11. doryperina

    Work Japan Co., Ltd

    can someone check this if it's legit? here is the website link 外国人求人サイト|WORK JAPAN(ワークジャパン) they also have an app named Work Japan.
  12. M

    Are the Seas really rising? What are the effects on Japan, this Island Country?

    While on the one hand I often say that people need to be more concious of climate change and, among other things, stop buying new junk and instead fix up what they already have and be satisfied with it, I have to admit, I don't spend all that much time investigating the hard proof that climate...
  13. thomas

    Tech Yahoo Japan to merge services with LINE, ditch Google

    According to Nikkei, Yahoo Japan is considering having another company provide its search engine technology, currently supplied by a Google affiliate. Z Holdings, Yahoo Japan's owner, has announced plans to bring Yahoo and LINE under its umbrella in October and launch a new company called LINE...
  14. thomas

    Economy Game over for Japan's department stores

    Nikkei Asia takes a nostalgic glance at the declining depatos of Japan. And it's not only the department stores on the brink of extinction but fish, meat, vegetable, fruit, tofu, sweets and hardware stores in shotengai which met a similar fate. Matsuya department store in Asakusa 1931...
  15. lainiwakura

    Question How to get a visa for Japan but work for someone in USA?

    hello! recently ive been really wanting to live in japan for a while, as im in love with the culture and am suprised by its afforadble items despite taxes, and so ive been learning japanese. I have a hobby as a software engineer and orginally i just wanted to visit japan because i didnt think i...
  16. C

    Can you rent Nintendo Switch in Japan?

    I really only want my son to have it for his birthday.
  17. B

    Japan's 'demographic crisis'

    Being part of the UK, Japan's ageing population and looming demographic crisis has been frequently citied in the immigration debate here. It has always occurred to me is whether there is an alternative to changing demographics apart from the population pyramid of keeping adding to the...
  18. B

    Travel Looking for information about possible future holiday in Japan

    I had got fired up about taking a holiday to Japan last year but for a number of reasons I have decided to wait a year or two until I actually consider going. I have just viewed a number of YouTube clips from both Westerners living in Japan and Japanese people that was recently posted that I...
  19. D

    LDR (United States and Japan)

    I had a question regarding long-distance relationships in Japan. For context, I am a 22 Male that studied abroad in Japan. While I was there, I developed feelings for a student at the university I studied abroad at. We actually confessed our feelings one day before my flight to the United...
  20. A

    Is Mian Motors Japan genuine?

    Hi all, I've been trying to make a deal with this company called Mian motors Japan but I'm not too sure if they are legite, They've reserved the car for me in their website and now they expect me to deposit the full asking price of the car, I've asked them to send me a video of the car but it...
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