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Over for a checkup this morning, stopped at a place I usually drive by--sarumaru jinja. Not much, but gave it a look.



Today, we finally made it to カリーの鑑, the カレーパン shop mentioned in this post. When we arrived fifteen minutes before they opened, people were already queuing up. They had prepared 25 sets for take-away, and we secured units 22-24.

karrepan01-2.jpg karrepan02-2.jpg

Well worth waiting for.

Brilliant carvings, thanks for sharing! :)

The one below was taken by a cycling mate in Nara, at Ōminesan-ji (大峯山寺), a temple of the Shugendō religion.

Ōminesan-ji (大峯山寺)


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From Tamagawa to Tama Classico - I was at the FC Tokyo vs Kawasaki Frontale derby at Japan National Stadium last night. Check out the drones!

Impressive display! Who won?
This morning's sketches--early, good light since it's drizzling/rainy:


Someone posted a similar pic of this shop on reddit, so I looked it up and this is my version--I think it'd be better at night with that lighting, than like this in early morning.

A flower shop nearby. I guess the theme of all these is "have seen better days", or "time has passed".
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Nice ones, especially the stores. I would really like to visit Nagata-san's shuzoten! :)
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