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I'm also looking for my Japanese dad


4 Jan 2023
Hi, good evening,

I'm Aiko Bildan From the Philippines.

Daughter of Glenda Bildan From the Philippines.

I'm 18 years old.

I'm writing this message because I want to find my dad.

I've been looking for him on social media, but I can't find him.

It's been 14 years since I last saw his face, and I was just four years old.

We lost communications the year of 2013.

The only thing I know about him is his name is YUICHI TAKANO, from Nagoya, Japan, and he was born on December 6; I think his age is now 70 years old.

I saw his Facebook Account last year, and he doesn't use it anymore. The previous post was on March 29 2013.
And his address on his Facebook account was in Mito, Ibaraki , Japan.

Please Help me to find him. I know I'm disturbing you, but I don't know where to find him anymore, so please let me know and help me. Thank you.


Hi Aiko, welcome to the forum and good luck finding your father! Chances are that someone who knows his whereabouts might come across your post and the photos.
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