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Looking for Japanese Muslims

I would like to speak with Japanese muslims who live in America, Japan or maybe an arab country like Saudiyyah
Mtom, may I ask are you a practicing Muslim? Is it hard in Saudi Arabia to get videogames? Is it allowed at all?
I am a practicing Muslim but I love Japanese culture and the Japanese language. I would like to marry a Japanese convert to Islam...insha'Allah.

first of all elslamo alekom
and is videogames the only thing you are worry about hahaha
dont worry we have some ^.^
BTW iam Egyptian guy and muslim
and i would realy love to talk to non Arabian muslim specially a japanes or american
forgave me for my bad english
but i can speak very good arabic looolz
ja na
guys u have a wrong idea about islam
plz dont believe what u hear from another people who never been in islamic country
if u really wanna know about islam visit thedeenshow . com
BTW most videos there is made by american people
i think u will understand them and why they think islam is the right way
and sorry again for my bad english but i will try to improve it
one last thing we dont hate u and im not asking u to become muslims just plz learn about us
and let us learn about u guys
thats all i got to say
I never knew there are lots of Muslims in japan since they don't get much coverage, unlike Muslims in china, but surely that's a very nice fact.

Greetings for all people of Japan and special greetings to Japanese Muslims :)
im a MUSLIM. but not fully japanese since my grandma dad is japanese married with a chinese women and my grandma married with a brunei man and got my dad. dad is married with a java plus arab women and got me. haha so does this count as me being a jap muslim? haha
im a MUSLIM. but not fully japanese since my grandma dad is japanese married with a chinese women and my grandma married with a brunei man and got my dad. dad is married with a java plus arab women and got me. haha so does this count as me being a jap muslim? haha

I can't picture on my head what you're trying to say.
Muslim, Egyptian, and Saudi

Hi, (Assalamo Alikom)

I'm a Muslim, Egyptian origin, lived and working at KSA in IT field ...

I'm also want to know the Islam in Japan, what type is it? free Islam, confined, radical, ..

Non-Muslims or non-minded Muslims may be surprised but really, the Islam at Egypt is different from that of Saudi Arabia regarding the closest follow of the Quran and prophet Mohammad committements.

The number of Muslims in Japan don't care me as the nature of thier Islam and the range of believe and apply, this may be strange but imagine that Islam itself started with one man only ......

The answer needs a good eye and brain person to deal with

I believe that this answer will be more accurate than that introduced at TV

Thanks for all
I can't picture on my head what you're trying to say.

come to think of it, neither do i understood it. haha its a kinda complicated stuff to understand it. so dont bother much. what i think about japan muslim, is that only a tiny percentage exist in japan. Not to worry much cause there is still halal FOOD in japan. yumyum~
is there any moslem in japan.?
i'm new in this forum site, i'm a bit curious about that
can someone tell me.
i'm new here and greetings to everyone....
its a shock to find out there're actually so many muslims in Japan...
just a quick question...how the japanese reacts with the muslim there?especially with girls wearing 'tudung' (we call it with that name at malaysia) or...emm...hijab?i don't know what they call the things that cover your head in other countries....
Perceptions and realities, various thoughts...

First of all, this is a great thread, with wonderful contributions.
I am very interested in these kinds of discussions which are open minded and generally free of severe rhetoric.
In America, we have radical religious sects here and there, who have been known to become acting outside the law and norms of our (hoped for) harmonious society, the KKK being one.
I am curious to know if the Muslims in Japan, can openly discuss the radical Islamic elements in other parts of the world, who claim Islam as their faith on one hand, and preach violence on the other hand, that too often dominate the news here in America.
One thread participant I think asked, "what percentage is this type, what percentage is that type, and what percentage is radical". Do people categorize Muslims in Japan? How would one know? Given the history of threats and activities made inside Japan already, I would be shocked and amazed if ANY radicalism is tolerated in Japan, for any reason, without the government taking direct interest.
If there was a KKK guy in my neighborhood, claiming the Christian faith on one side and spewing hateful rhetoric on the other, I would call the Police! That misfit is not a true Christian!
I would have to believe that I am misreading something on that one question, with virtually every Muslim I have ever met with a most amazing peacefulness about him/herself.
Having said all this, I think JREF could serve as a wonderful connecting point in Japan, for all the Muslims who share the internet.
And for Christians in Japan, too, for that matter.
Excellent thread.
assalamualaikum.....i'm a muslim from Malaysia...i want to know more about muslim in japan,and i hOpe i can chat with them....anybody please help me....AllahuAkbar!!!!!!
🙂 hi!! minna!
I'm Sara, I'm...Iranian muslim😊
well,I've been interested in japanese people,culture & especially their way of thinking about life & individuals from almost 5 years.I'll become really really happy to chat with you people and get to know you & your way of thinking.
if you're not :eek: of me,contact me!
ah,it'll suppose help you I'm student of third year of university(physics!!!!!👍)and old enough to know difference between reality and dreams!
ja ne!
I'm afraid many people consider Islam a dangerous religion nowadays because of all the fanatic extremists. I think Japanese are very wary of this image and tend to shy away from the religion.
Have you ever studied Zen? If you are in Japan, I encourage you to try it rather than looking for Japanese coverts.

wow!you think that way too!that's a relief to think there are japanese people like you!
ah,sorry... konnichiwa!shinzanmono desu.🙂
but you know here I have really really more problem than you because here is an islamic country but ... many thing have been gone in wrong way,especially reall islam is vanishing little by little so be strong...and gambatte!
ah...if you help me to know you people more I'll be😄
Cultural Exchange

Hello, my name is Dounia and I'm looking for a muslim japanese family which would be interested for a cultural exchange with a muslim family living in Geneva in Switzerland. I'm a young student 17-year-old fascinated by the japanese culture, I would like to meet a young muslim girl of my age motivated for the exchange.
I apologize for my English, I can speak and understand English and German a bit and my mother tongue is French, but I am motivated to learn Japanese.
If you are interested, please contact me in my e-mail box: [email protected]
Alsalam Alykum wa rahmutullah

i'm Egyptian Muslim living in Saudi Arabia , I'll be very happy to help you to know more about islam and i'm sure that i'll learn also from you, we can start our chats and i promise that i'll be a good friend enchaallah.
I heard that Most of the Japanese do not show great adherence towards any religion! Islam preaches rigorous adherence towards the religion and majority of the Japanese wont follow Islam as far as i Know! Japanese Muslims may be there due to inter-religious marriages!
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