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  1. A

    Particles and their usage, especially de/ga/wa.

    Hello! I have been learning japanese and I don't feel like I fully understand what wa meant anymore after I got introduced to ga. and I get confused now on what to use and where. I used to assume that wa always prioritized the subject before it (watashi wa), but recently when I learnt ga, it...
  2. Bunkerhill

    Japanese American in California, 1914 - captioned!

    Hello one and all! Picked up a terrific photo for my collection of Japanese American photos. Not only is the location and year clear as day but the reverse is captioned. One of the worst aspects of collecting photos is the vast amount of material without names, dates or locations written...
  3. V

    Please help me to find my Son's Japanese father.

    hi i am A filipina and i have a son and his father is japanese he want to find his father bec now he is grow up already, i tried so many times to contact his japan mobile number but it looks like he change his number please does anyone know how to locate his japanese father. thank u in advance
  4. JapaneseLily

    Japanese Intransitive & Transitive Verbs Part, 3 Grammar N4-27

    In this video, we'll see INTRANSITIVE and TRANSITIVE VERBS in Japanese in more detail. We'll also learn some very interesting expressions using the verbs in this video.
  5. R

    Looking for Japanese Father

    Hi I wanted to check if there is a way I could talk to my father. His name is Yuji Iwaida. Last details I have was that he is residing in Saitama, He has 2 daughters, and He worked in the construction industry, I have the 1st page of his koseki, I have his old number and his letters with pictures
  6. linni

    I want to find a Japanese friend

    I like Japanese style, Japanese cuisine, Japanese music and everything related to Japan, in the future I want to live in Japan, so I want to find friends from Japan! (I’m from Russia, I’m 18 y.o)
  7. JapaneseLily

    7 Intransitve Verbs to say “to BREAK” in Japanese Part 2, Grammar N4-26

    There are different verbs in Japanese to express that something is BROKEN, depending on WHAT (THING) is broken. In this video, you'll learn how to use each one of these 7 Intransitive Verbs and Transitive Verbs of each pair. We'll also talk about some interesting and useful expressions...
  8. C

    Japanese Kanzashi - Combs

    We have three Japanese combs which belong to Kanzashi. They have both the comb and pin and silk cover. The brown one has a signature, can anyone please help decipher the signature please? The three have different themes, brown - japanese peacock, butterfly, chrysanthemum and peony? What season...
  9. Lothor

    Former Japanese table-tennis player 'abducts' son

    This is both interesting and tragic. Former table-tennis player Ai Fukuhara has refused to return her son to her Taiwanese ex-husband, breaching a custody agreement, after her son visited her in Japan last year. No doubt the Japanese government will be ensuring that Fukuhara follows the...
  10. JapaneseLily

    Two ways to say a TOAST 🍻 ”CHEERS” in Japanese, Vocabulary 42

    Let's learn the difference between these two toasts in Japanese: KANPAI (乾杯) and KENPAI (献杯). We'll explore when, how, and in what circumstances to use each one. I dedicate this video to my beloved cat. 💖🐈🙏
  11. B

    Question What is the reality of conditions in the Japanese workplace in 2023?

    It is starting to become a cliche that with the plethora of horror stories throughout the internet that the Japanese workplace is a toxic atmosphere to be in. However, there has been another narrative that is slowly appearing that work conditions are slowly getting better there and that the...
  12. B

    Question Colour schemes in Japanese signs/banners.

    I know this is might sound a silly question and apologise in advance if it can't be answered. I know everybody is familiar with the red lanterns in Japanese restaurants and the BladeRunner type colourful neon lit cityscapes is a cliche of Hollywood sci-fi flics but I have noticed that in a lot...
  13. Haruto Uzumaki

    Best times to pause and think during your sentence, and any other verbal cues to know about in Japanese

    Where are the best moments to pause and think during japanese speech without the listener believing you've finished talking, and so on? Another simple question I think, but hard to find info these kinds of detailed topics. I'd just like to truly understand and make use of the little things that...
  14. Haruto Uzumaki

    Why do Japanese people switch to 丁寧語 with foreigners?

    This is hard to classify as a language question, so I've put it in this category instead, I hope that's fine. I thought I was just imagining it, or maybe that I just didn't reach the "friend" status in each case that I've seen it, but I eventually ended up in situations where this was an...
  15. B

    Society Contractions [Contradictions] in Japanese society?

    I know this was discussed in previous thread that I had posted where I shouldn't be getting my information about Japan solely from YouTube channels but I've been recently watching one from a Japanese comedian called Meshida. While his content is comedy, he does discuss Japanese society and...
  16. M

    Another Japanese rocket blows up

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2023/jul/14/japan-space-agency-rocket-engine-explodes-during-test-video Long ago, somewhere, I criticized Japan's Space Agency for making everything in Japan and not outsourcing anything. Someone informed me that their rocket program was quite...
  17. A

    Japanese flag

    New to this forum so I hope I am doing this correctly. I have this flag that as family history goes belonged to my grandfather who was in WW2 stationed in the Philippines. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  18. S

    Identify Japanese Good Luck Flag

    Hello, I'm hoping someone here can help me identify this Japanese Good Luck Flag. Any information that can be shared would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you Stephen
  19. M

    Examples of Japanese influence in non-Japanese movies esp. Sci-fi

    There seems to be an incredible volume of subtle and not-so-subtle influences of Japanese culture, whether hairstyles, products, clothing design, architecture, history, literature, etc. on non-Japanese movies, esp. sci-fi. This is a thread for discussing the fact and posting examples.
  20. D

    WWII Japanese Flag Real?

    Hi yall, Id like some help identifying if the good luck flag I have is real or fake. I have my suspicions about it and fortunately this site seems to have knowledgable people. Any help on the writing and if its real or fake would be great! Thank you in advance
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