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  1. M

    Please help me!! 私を助けてください!!

    Please help me!! I have been searching for my Japanese Father named Masaru Ito who lives/lived in Kofu City Yamanashi Prefecture. He's around at his 70's by now. He has/had a brother named Hide. They have/had a liquor shop in Kofu City Yamanashi Prefecture. My mother was an entertainer when...
  2. ZorgXC

    Sea of love

    A translation for this paragraph with explanation of the grammers and kanji you will use! """ You were the only sea who I drowned in it in this life All seas are made of water And your sea is made of love and adoration I love you my heartbeat """.
  3. PacteraEDGE

    Wanted Looking for Maps Apps Evaluators in Japan

    We are currently looking for long-term participants for our Search Engine Evaluator project, MILKY WAY! During this Search Engine Evaluation project, participants will evaluate the quality of queries made by internet users while navigating through different MAP applications (e.g. "coffees near...
  4. U

    Help Good Luck Flag - Real or fake? Can anyone translate it?

    I’m looking for a translation of this Japanese good luck flag. I believe it is written in old kanji. It would also be appreciated if someone could tell me whether it is real or fake. Thank you
  5. chrisallen236

    Good luck flag

    I now have one of these flags from my late Grandmother. My Grandmother and Grandfather served in the Royal Air Force and was stationed in Singapore during WW2. Could someone please translate some of it. Id like to know who the flag belonged to and if it was awarded by an academy or similar...
  6. Sxilderik

    Question How do colleagues and staff say welcome to a new co-worker? Is yōkoso ok?

    Hello all My (french) firm issues a Teams message to all employees everytime a new recruit has joined the team. They choose to use the word Welcome in many languages, but I’m unsure of the word they use for Japanese. Is ようこそ ok in this situation, or should something like 歓迎 be used ? They also...
  7. JapaneseLily

    How to ASK for PERMISSION in Japanese🇯🇵Grammar 65

    Let's see the Japanese grammar behind asking for permission to do something: thought Verbs in TE-Form. In this video, we'll explore how you can use this verb form so that your sentences sound natural and polite at the same time. You will find a quiz to test your listening skills at the end of...
  8. W

    Translation to Japanese

    Hello I really hope that y’all can help me. for my first tattoo I would like a Japanese sentence and that goes as followed “to live in authentic truth” I’m have looked online and asked multiple people but thus far no luck. I am pretty much looking for a full translation of the sentence as I...
  9. JapaneseLily

    Japanese Verb Groups 1, 2, 3, (Grammar for JLPT Level 5). Grammar 59

    Want to learn the grammar of Japanese verbs? Then this video is for you! It's very important to be able to CATEGORIZE Japanese Verbs into three groups because this shows you how how to do their CONJUGATION properly. So don't miss this video ‼️ Here are details on WHY some verbs belong in one...
  10. P

    Help translating picture

    Is anyone able to translate my picture please, I found this in an old picture frame, I'm hoping to find out what year my picture may be from.
  11. JapaneseLily

    Listening practice for JLPT 5-2🦻 Understanding Spoken Japanese

    This video will help you enhance your Japanese listening skills. This time, we'll cover the level of the popular textbook "MINNA no Nihongo" up until lesson 13th. This difficulty level are suitable for those taking their attempt at JLPT 5.This difficulty is suitable for JLPT 5 At first, you'll...
  12. Siface

    Useful Japanese phrases you don’t always see in textbooks!

    Hello! My friend started a YouTube channel recently to teach Japanese. Her first series of videos are useful phrases that don’t always appear in books like genki. https://youtube.com/channel/UClRMU3NtzRPpuSPsW6O2LQg If you have a minute to check it out I’d greatly appreciate it, as would she!
  13. L

    Help てくれる

    Heyy, I have a question about Japanese grammar. So I was supposed to make a sentence using words 私/マリア/弟/ポーランド語/教える。Idk why but I forgot that くれる can be used not only when sb gives sth to ME, but also when refering to my Family members. Sooo I was desperate to make a sentence in which I am the...
  14. Mistyxp

    Any Anime, Japanese tv shows, manga, or books for level N5 and N4

    I want to practice my Japanese skill since I took them in high school but I forgot most of them. I've signed up for online classes, bought books, and watch anime regularly but I haven't been able to find shows that would be at my level so I can watch them without subtitles. If you can list a...
  15. Kuma san

    Names please

    Hi please help me find a name that is related to 'bear' in japanese First name and a last name would be very helpful :)
  16. A


    はじめまして。私は日本学科の学生で、キンガです。今年卒業論文のため阿波踊りの研究を行います。 もし、よかったら、記入してくれませんか?リンク:阿波踊りに関する意見 よろしくお願いいたします。 このアンケートをシェアできる他のサイトが教えてくれたら、お幸いです!:)
  17. R

    I'm dying to find this Japanese song from Team Coco's YouTube video

    Hi, can anyone help? Shazam and Siri don't work as there's too much speaking from the host. URL to the video: You can hear clearer only on the below timeline: 4:46 - 4:55 5:22 - 5:26
  18. Jhopesstrawberry

    Cursed Japanese Images

    So I was thinking to myself.. what can I spam JREF with today so somehow a Google bystander might one day fall upon this and be like "what the-????" And then I thought to myself, because I already have hot pictures, why not add japanese meme pictures!😆🤭
  19. Question Kanji typing site

    Hi こんにちは Im new here an 'd like to know where I find a good Kanji "keyboard" (or similar); Nowadays I use Lexilogos site, mainly for Hiragana and Katakana (excellent) but for Kanji its not very clear I occasionally also use Jisho for Kanji, but again not very accurate even with the drawing...
  20. kanukanu

    Help with translation/Japanese

    Hello, I need help. I want to name my page's name into "Animanga Daisuki". Is it alright in terms of meaning? And is "アニマンガダイスキ" alright too since I want a literal translation. Thank you so much.
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