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  1. kanukanu

    Help with translation/Japanese

    Hello, I need help. I want to name my page's name into "Animanga Daisuki". Is it alright in terms of meaning? And is "アニマンガダイスキ" alright too since I want a literal translation. Thank you so much.
  2. J

    Services Japan spring classes 2021

    Study Japanese in April Japan 2021. Come and experience Japan next spring during the Sakura season and beyond. We can offer you something different through our partner schools compared to most other language schools. With us you don't have to pay the full tuition at once. You pay monthly...
  3. A

    Japanese tattoo

    Hi there! I need your help finding out the right quote for my first tattoo. The first thing I need to say is that it has to be something short because I'm gonna get it on my upper forearm. My original idea was to get a quote from Princess Mononoke which states "to see with eyes unclouded by...
  4. nurle

    Learning Japanese through video games

  5. Melonpan

    Summer Online Japanese Courses by University of Colorado in Boulder

    University of Colorado in Boulder offers Online Japanese language courses this summer. All courses are synchronous (a face to face, live class) provided via Zoom. The intensive Japanese program of CU in Boulder is a perfect opportunity for those who want to complete language requirements in a...
  6. M

    Wanted Looking for a Japanese immigrant who lives in the U.S. to answer some interview questions

    Hello. I have a cultural interview project for my Food and Culture class, and I chose to study Japanese culture over the semester as it is the culture that interests me the most. I am to compare/contrast my culture with someone from Japan. I do not know anyone personally from Japan, which is why...
  7. J

    White people think Asian people is inferior?

    I'm 26 year old Japanese man. I think race is superior or inferior. I think Asian people is most ugly and inferior. I have flat face and flat nose. and I’m short 5’9.5 inch. I think White people are most beautiful and most biggest great race. I respect White people. I Love White people. I think...
  8. shokushock

    食 × shock

    Do you know the daily food of Japanese? We don't eat sushi every day.
  9. A

    Question New "Japanese the Written Language Book" - Has anyone seen it??

    I just discovered that a new Japanese the Written Language book (Part 1 Volume 2) was published in 2018 - it, covers Hiragana and 100 Kanji. Along with the Part 1 Volume 1, which covers the Katakana, it supercedes the "Field Test Edition" Volume 1.. I have searched and searched, and I...
  10. Callmetay0

    How do I write my last name in Japanese?

    Hi! I've been studying Japanese for a year now. This post is about my last name. [ if I remember right it must be ローゼンフェルド in katakana] but I wanna ask you guys if there's a way I can use kanjis for my last name? It's German 'rosenfeld' which would be in English 'Rose field'. Can someone...
  11. L

    Learn Japanese by singing songs

    Hi! We are the Japan International Composite Art Association. Our organization has a Japanese song class in Shinjuku culture plaza (しんじゅく多文化共生プラザ) 〒160-8484東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-4-1                            It is a Japanese classroom by the Japanese language song. Studying the content and meaning of...
  12. cheaptotour

    Wanted Chinese Freelance Private Tour Guide Needed

    Hi, We are looking for those who want to work as freelance tour guide. If you can speak any of the following language hope that you can to join us. 1 ) English 2 ) Chinese 3 ) Spanish 4 ) Hindi 5 ) Arabic 6 ) Portuguese 7 ) Bengali 8 ) Russian 9 ) Japanese 10 ) Lahnda 11 )...
  13. K

    Sentences Check (?)

    Hello everybody, I am new to the forums and hope I can ask questions about this here! I actually have some sentences I wanted to check, you see I have a presentation (about kimonos) and I'm not so confident in my sentences... If this shouldn't be here sorry! でんとう日本の着物。日本のぶんかしょうちょうです。 ぶひんを着物。...
  14. Spelling Game for memorizing Japanese Vocabulary

    Spelling Game for memorizing Japanese Vocabulary

    Here, I want to recommend a good Android App to learn and memorize Japanese vocabulary. Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) (Available in Google Play Store) Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) - Apps on Google Play I found that it contains many vocabulary (cover JLPT N5 up to N1) with awesome text UI, and...
  15. D

    Question Can someone translate this please?

    Hello everyone, someone could help me translate these four texts, I would really appreciate it: D Text1: あの支衛君が "人妻" なんかに手を出すわけが... Text2: だってそこに行くならまず私に手を出すはずだもん! text3: 続きは...互いに 生き残ってからだ! Text4: メテ火隕右 Thanks :D
  16. candra41

    Question Help me, missing song title

    [youtube] Please help me, I really like this song, but I don't know the song title. thanks for those who answered ^^
  17. H

    Intermediate level vocabulary

    I’m currently learning Japanese at an intermediate level. I tested myself by listening to a dialogue on YT (link: ). However, I found that I could not understand a lot of the things they were talking about. I know that at this point, you’d just tell me to keep learning and practising, but I...
  18. H

    Imperial verbs/sentences

    I’ve noticed that when you ask someone to do something, you usually add ‘kudasai’ or ‘onegaishimasu’ at the end of the sentence. However, this seems a bit to formal for some situations, and I’ve heard people omit them in their sentences. So what might be a more casual way of asking someone to do...
  19. spooky donut

    looking for some help!

    hey, is there any japanese person or someone with a japanese phone number out there who can help me? i need a japaenese phone number for the authentication on mobage! so yeah it'd be nice if i could get help. thanks in advance.
  20. T

    Help with this WW2 Japanese flag, please?

    Japanese WWII flag by Tarheelrebel posted Jun 27, 2018 at 17:12
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