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Question I don't want to play you


8 Apr 2004
Dear native English speakers,
this is from BBC site.
I think "play you" is incorrect. What do you think?

"I don't want to play you in any more finals, I didn't really enjoy that, it was a really tough match for me," Osaka jokingly told Azarenka.
It is understandable. It might be more complete (correct) to say, "I don't want to play against you", but I don't think anyone would consider "play you" as a mistake. At least not in the spoken context you posted above.
I like "play against" also. Just "play you" has another negative meaning sometimes. If I "play you" it can mean I trick , use , or manipulate you somehow for my personal gain.( kind of a criminal meaning"
It can also mean to act as someone such as an actor playing a character. But I agree with Majestic that it sounds ok in context.
Oh, really? Thank you for the help, everyone. The more I know English, the more it becomes complicated. (Am I making sense?)
It sounds completely normal to me--one team is typically/commonly said to play another. Something like:

The Tigers are playing the Giants tonight.

... is perfectly normal/acceptable.

((Tho for other reasons, you probably wouldn't say, "The Lakers are playing the Bears this weekend." ;) )
IMO, Perfectly fine. It is a commonly spoken expression (though I think more common in NA).

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