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Will you teach me English? And please be my friend?

oiiiiiiiii!!!!~~ Konichiwa Haruka!!! [did i say that ok]lol. :D
I like having friends from japan! and i will be your friend to! i can also teach you english! im good at it.lol.well,of corse i am~ but i would like help with japanese also?!~ i am ... almost your age.kinda. ok im 15. but im in high school and its almost the same! ....and of corse my favorite japanese band is...*angelic music plays* DIR EN GREY!!! yey yey yey~ lol. [i feel silly now.but i am silly.] bye bi :p
I can also teach you English. I'm Norwegian tough, but I have the highest note in my English class, prolly cause' I've played Final Fantasy since I was 8 years old. I'm gonna be 17 on the 6 July. And I have looked for classes to learn Japanese all over Norway cause' I really wanna learn it, it's so cool. But there is nothing like that in Norway. I used to have MSN, but it is broken, so now I'm on aim. My nick is Dirkaor.
>>Ma Cherie
japanese is easy to learn for you???wwww
well it is difficult for me though.
anyways we are learning english and japanese.well i might can help your japanese.
see ya

>>angelic marionette
hello^^ the band is pretty popular in japan right???
but i have never listened their song lol
oh wait i have listened one song.thats all.
well i like american music better than japaneselol
you are 15^^young!?
i'm 17 as you know.
anyways^^talk to later!!

oh-....i used to have aim but no more....
i just using MSN only now.....sorry(>_<)
you are 17???thats so cool^^
my friend was in norway.he came back i guess yesterday???lol
i hope i can talk with you in messenger lol but you don have MSN...
we need to find out how to contact lol
k i have exam today!!!byebye!
Christine said:
I'm Norwegian tough, but I have the highest note in my English class, prolly cause' I've played Final Fantasy since I was 8 years old

Lol, I don't think it means a lot ^^.'
I prolly got the best grades in English in my section in Paris's AIT, but I still have a lot to learn ^^.'
However, one thing's sure: video games sure help a lot :)

By the way, I don't think you'll be able to learn Japanese only via chat rooms and Japanese penpals. Some lessons are also needed. Try to find a real teacher and several penpals. :D

日本語の勉強はむずかしいだからがんばって :p
Konnichi wa! 🙂 I'm trying to learn Japanese, and I would love to help you learn English. I just turned 18. If all works out well, I will be in Japan in about three years. I will be an exchange student going to Tokyo Technical University.

On a side note, do you play video games? I just recently imported 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and Beatmania IIDX 7th Style. I would love to find a Japanese person who liked Beatmania and DDR! By the way, I have a hard time playing 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン because I do not know enough Japanese... I know カタカナ and ひらがな but I don't know Kanji... 😭

I have AIM... my screen name is Msteve2k1... I don't have MSN anymore, unfortunately. Do you play Final Fantasy XI? I could meet you in that game.
Hai = yes

Lie = no

Kanichiwa = Hi

Nichi = Sup

sou ka = I see

Nan ja = What

sama = King or Queen

chaun = Some one who loves kids

son = ?

toshi = pray

meguru = round

toki = when

no = of

Inu = Dog

baka = Dum

okashii = Funny

Sou ka = I see

Ika = B!tch

AHO = A$$ hole

:eek: Okashii very
TwistedMac said:
well that wasn't very... correct...
I was just wondering how to politely point that out ... :?

But I failed. Inuyasha-the-kid you're not ready to teach Japanese.
yeah, that's what's great about being me.. ditch the politeness and all the work that goes into being polite when it comes to unimportant matters and you've got a great little lifestyle ^^

besides, after a while new people get used to it and don't take it so hard ^^

(I don't mean I act like a total ***... i try to avoid that... let me know if i fail)
Haruka, you could check this page for the pronunciation: http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/dictionary/dictionaryhome.aspx

You type the word, you get the definition and you can hear the word...

Anybody knows the same system for Japanese?
Damn the 'th'-sound. I think it's real hard to learn...but i think i skipped school or something when everyone else was learning just that.
hey Haruka.
... um I can't really offer much help on learning English apart from that in my opinion, all languages should be learnt naturally - either by living in a country where the language is spoken (usually not an option for people) or in intensive courses (6 hours a day) during holidays, (I've done the intensive study with Spanish and german for 6 weeks each and it works much much better than school lessons and saves you a few years of study :D ). So, if you have the option, you should sign up to intensive courses (with English teachers as then your pronunciation should improve).

I would even go as far as saying that learning a foreign language in school for 40 minutes a day is pointless, especially if its a large class where people mess around (usually the case from my experience).

Otherwise, I found a phonetics site (both Spanish - Spanish being very similar phonetically to Japanese and English). The site seems pretty good if you have no other options, such as speaking to natives.

If you can, watch movies in English with Japanese subtitles and the news if you want to hear a good British accent.

I hope that helped.
Good luck. :D
I don't know if you still want to learn English, but

haruka said:
i'm japanese girl.i'm 17 years old.
i want to learn english and wana make some friends from all over the world.
i can teach you japanese.but i'm not good at japanese lol kidding.
my english poor so...actually hard to explain in english.

anyways i hope someone can help me!!

I would love to learn Japanese. I am an American and I can teach you English. I graduated from college, and I have taken many "Advanced expository writing" courses. I am highly educated, so maybe I could be of assistance. :)
sorry everyone that write message to me!!!
i haven't check here lately...so i wasn't noticed the message(>_<)
lately i am pretty busy with school lol
how are you doing all???
i'm really happy to read all of your masseges
and thank you for giving me some infometion!
well...i just woke up and..i gotta go to eat breakfast!
i'm hungry right now lol
ok,see ya and talk to later!
lol long time no see Haruka ^^
Still some people should learn a language before actually TRY to teach it ^^(points at the chibi inu)
Anyway if anyone can help me with my english I'd be glad :D
You should also learn to speak american slang yo, it makes you look cool. Wazzup g?
Support links

konbanwan ;-) harukasan

I can't really help with eikaiwa, and that's what you are looking for, right?
So sorry, but please see the links below to support your english training.
Hope it helps 🙂 *wan wan*
rakuten :gohan: nya~ni?

Note: I am neither related nor affiliated with any of the following companies. Please do not consider this as an advertisement. I don't know about the quality of these institutions and I do not endorse anyone to take lessons there. This is for studying purpose only.


Example phrases and useful sentences:

The links under "muryou jishuu eikaiwa contents" are really helpful, i.e. "sugu tsukaeru phrase", "shigoto de tsukau eikaiwa", etc.

Live lessons with audio output:

Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server:

This dictionary is good for advanced users, read the manual as there are dozens of customizable settings.

Customize here:

How good is your English? Take the test here:
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cicatriz esp said:
No, no it doesn't. English should not be learned from BET.

Yes that's true! American slang is awful. lol. This is my first post here and I've been trying to learn Japanese on my own. I plan to take Japanese linguistics in College and hopefully one day move to the Land of the Rising Sun! Right now I'm having trouble with Japanese particles. (Ga , Wa , O etc.) They're tought but I'll get 'em! 🙂
aha~~~i'm 17 as well. i found that all of us are at quite similar age.
well~~i'm not a native english speaker, but i can help you with your english, haruka san! i've got MSN, but my school is awful~~i can't use them, 😭 they block all the chat system on the internet. 😌 😭 but it would be ok in the holidays.
i always want to make some japanese friends, but there is no japanese in our school~~~oh no~~~

ok~~~it's time to go. my class is over 😌 and i can't use the computer.
have a nice weekend, everbody!
i'd like to apply for the english-teaching job aswell ^^
, i'm from belgium, and ofcourse i'm (trying) to learn japanese :p

if i don't forget to put my msn on i'm online from 5pm - 11pm belgium time (gmt +1) weekdays and in the weekend from 11am - 3pm belgium time (gmt+1)

*is searching for a site to convert these hours to japanese hours*

i think i found someting:
5pm (belgium time) = midnight (tokyo time)
11pm (belgium time) = 6:00 AM (tokyo time)

12am (belgium time) = 7:00 pm (tokyo time)
3am (belgium time) = 10:00 pm (tokyo time)

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