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what is the most beautiful english word

I'v always liked the word "hemisphere" for how it sounds and the meaning of it. And, some words you use when you talk about space like, Universe,Galaxy,
Gravity are I think beautiful.
Hmmm....I like the words

austere (rarely comes up in conversations with the general public, but I've whipped it out a few times)

infinity (plus I like the symbol for it)

and the ever useful EPIPHANY!
everything is beautiful about the word
the animal is beautiful (and deadly =D!!)
the word is beautiful


Metal Gear Solid

the best game ever, the name snake is perfect to... uhmmm... the snakes in the game, and the atribbutes are great too: Naked Snake, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake

yeahh snake the best!!
Pleasure...it's a beautiful word and just sounds good.

I do like the word perhaps as well; it works very well when you have to give an answer and you don't want to be stuck with either yes or no.
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