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Will you teach me English? And please be my friend?

That girl dropped out of sight less than 2 months after she began this thread. She's now probably working or attending college, makes no time surfing this forum.
Inuyasha-the-kid said:
Hai = yes
Lie = no
Kanichiwa = Hi
Nichi = Sup
sou ka = I see
Nan ja = What
sama = King or Queen
chaun = Some one who loves kids
son = ?
toshi = pray
meguru = round
toki = when
no = of
Inu = Dog
baka = Dum
okashii = Funny
Sou ka = I see
Ika = B!tch
AHO = A$$ hole
:eek: Okashii very

lmfao ..........
Spyder... Just reading that list.... lol Looks like some one who learned some stuff via anime... lol

I found this place via an old post. I looked at the date and decied it was better to PM the answer instead. lol

I m new on this board
I m student of japanese language.
I m learnig nihon go since a year, but i m not able to speake japanese till date.
Can u help me out..........
hello everybody...ım yasemin,a new member of thıs sıte ....well ı can say ı know english but of course not so much...ı'm studying english at universıty...and ı really would like to learn japanese and at the same time teach some english to anyone wants as far as ı can teach...and ıt would be great to make new frıends from every point of the world........
I'm a Japanese girl. I'm 17 years old.
I want to learn English and wanna make some friends from all over the world.
I can teach you Japanese. But I'm not good at Japanese, lol kidding.
My English poor, so...actually hard to explain in English.

Anyways I hope someone can help me!

hi Haruka,
We can help you with pronunciation of English, because pronunciation is the most important part of speaking any language.
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