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News China no longer 'concern' but 'security threat' to Japan


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
I follow several spy agencies , military branches , and closed groups made up of old spies. It seems china has accumulated so much money and resources around the world , they feel they should now be the number one power in the world. They became very pushy in Hong Kong and next want to take back Taiwan. They built Island bases off their coast and demand to have their territorial limit based of the islands they built. They have become much more aggressive toward any type of boat or plane operating near their territories then years past. They seem to have tons of mole type spies in major companies around the world to steal company secrets. FBI tries hard to catch them here in the US and has some luck. They have poured tons of money into building up their navy and making more weapons that reach further and can do more damage. Over all , they are considered much more dangerous than Russia or North Korea. When you put all the pieces of the intelligence info puzzle together they are condition red on the radar. Not hard facts , just my opinion from reading the sources I have available.
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