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Asics Japan S Paisley purple


28 Mar 2023
Hello guys, I would like to know if you know where I can buy an Asics Japan S Paisley purple and that the store sends to other countries

I'm Brazilian and I'm looking for this specific model


Thank you all for your attention and sorry for anything
It has been discontinued for a while and all the sites I found it did not send it to my location
I had a similar situation recently. My son fell in love with the Air Jordan Spades. I had to admit they were sharp looking. But then I found out that while I could get them online in unused condition they were priced at $200, which is twice the price of new. So I told him what the h-ll are you thinking? No way I'm paying double the price for a shoe just because you like the design better. So I took him to the shoe store and he bought a different pair of shoes.


Anyway the only advice I can think of is to find these shoes on ebay and find a seller who is willing to ship them to you or use a reshipping service that will receive domestic packages and reship them overseas. OR do what we did and buy something else.
E-bay had a couple labeled the same , but they looked a little different. One pair was $150US and the other pair $200US. For me being a guy who buys his shoes at Walmart for $20 , I was a bit shocked.
I found it, but it is out of stock.

There is a site that claims to have them, but I make no guarantee of the trustworthiness of that site.
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