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def in Japan: a comic diary

Silly question, but do you sketch them on-site or do you take pictures?
Not silly at all! I don't use photos, generally. These are me taking a walk, seeing something I like, and plopping down on a curb or step for 30 minutes. A drawing of a photo usually comes out looking a bit sterile to me.

I wishI could have done more this summer, but it's really been lousy windy verging on rain for much of the summer.

@johnnyG, hard to get good effect from that. Compare the middle pic to this:
Yeah, pretty different. Street view does put restrictions on--little spurts of movement that are impossible to adjust, and it's always from the road, obviously. (not from farther across the street, or closer OTOH).
Hi @nahadef , I have been away from this forum for a few years, and see that you are still making great images and comics. Are you making a living in Japan, drawing things or making artwork?
Thanks, but no, it's just something I enjoy. It takes a lot of time and effort to turn a hobby into a job. But my current employment leaves me lots of free time to entertain myself.
Doing the popular Inktober challenge this year. Tried a few days with brush only, tried out my nib yesterday.




Nice work as always. Do you have a left hand drive vehicle in Hokkaido or are you just taking artistic license?
Artistic license, though it's definitely Hokkaido inspired. I'm still filtering a lot of Canada into my work
Start with onsen, next go for a walk and leave your cellphone at home. Then start turning it off at home and increase the intervals. It's soothing.

Love your story.
I've been making a point of drawing daily for the past four months, and it has a really positive effect. The layouts become clearer, and the lines become tighter. For October, all over the world there is a daily draw challenge called Inktober. The Inktober list is fine, but I've never found it very fun. But there are a ton of homemade lists out there. I decided to try Jacktober, a month tribute to Jack King Kirby, America's greatest comic artist, or "America's Tezuka", as I use to explain him to people in Japan. He created the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and a thousand other characters that will eventually get made into movies. He's one of the most influential guys on American culture ever, and it's a crime he's not a household name there.

Anyway, it's been a pleasure studying his work, and these are my favorites from the first third of the month

The Forever People

Doctor Doom

Sersi of the Eternals

Nick Fury, agent of SHIELD


Ant-Man and the Wasp

Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy

The Fantastic Four
Brilliant work; thank you for sharing! This brings back childhood memories. And I can recognise your style whatever subject matter you draw.
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