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Why they kill our honest and righteous scientists


4 Mar 2016
Today one of the Iranian atomic energy scientists was assassinated by them. He is the third innocent atomic scientist of Iran that was killed by those savages, in recent years. Before I continue this comment let me I explain about the atomic activities of Iran:

The young scientists of Iran could achieve nuclear technology the decades after the Islamic revolution of Iran. It was a great success and for Iranians that their young scientists could attain this high complicated technology. But achieving this technology was not for purpose of production nuclear weapons.

The Islamic government and systems of Iran follow the Islamic order and statements. Islam has banned producing atomic bomb, missiles and every type of nuclear weapon, because such the weapons are inhumanity and their targets are civilians and not an army. The goal of the Islamic republic of Iran using this technology was just for peaceful and beneficial purpose that were power plants for producing electricity and also medical centers that treat patients who were suffering cancer or similar diseases.

Well, after Iran achieved the atomic energy technology it was a shock for Europe, America and Israel (the illegal and occupant regime). The started accusing Iranians that they are going to produce atomic bomb. It was an obvious untrue proclaim to damage the dignity and reputation of the Islamic government and systems.

It was a malicious plan to show the Iranian government militant and guilty.

Iran allowed the atomic energy office of the United Nation Organization to visit all the nuclear sites to ensure the world that the atomic activities of Iran is peaceful wholly. The United Nation Organization after the years of regular visiting the Iranian atomic sites finally issued a formal announcement and confession that Iran is clean from any type of nuclear weapon.

The investigator of the organization reported that the nuclear activities of Iran is not connected to the military development.

Well, after the global confirmation what happened?

Two of the faultless atomic scientists of Iran were murdered by a few interior terrorists with direct plan and order of Israel. Of course the terrorist who planeted the bomb was identified and arrested by agents of the security ministry of Iran, a few days later. The terrorist was trialed in the curt and after confessing to the crime sentenced to death and consequently were executed. He confessed, he traveled to Israel a few times anonymously and was trained by the Israeli agents how to kill the Iranian scientists and run away.

Today the story repeated and the martyr Mr. Fakhri Zadeh one of the atomic scientists of Iran was killed by the traitor persons who received order from Israel to do the great crime. He was killed faultlessly while was from the scientific society. Killing a scientist who was a citizen is a historical felony and infamy record for the occupant Israel regime and its despicable servitors.

There is no way for the terrorists to escape. They can't hide anywhere and remain unknown. Iran is not a safe place for criminals to stay hidden. The Iranian security agents and police will find them soon.

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