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What Japanese games that has Kyudo?


13 Aug 2014
Are there Japanese games that use Kyudo? I see lots of samurai games, but most of it are sword fighting.
Kyudo is its own art. There's also horseback target archery called Yabusame

I don't play many games, but there's one called Ghost of Tsushima coming out that has half bow and long bow weapons. Not sure I'd call it "kyudo" but that's about as close as you'll probably get.

Zelda (and most fantasy RPGs) features weapons inspired by the western medieval period. The archery in Zelda and Final Fantasy titles isn't any more 弓道 than the archery in Elder Scrolls titles.

Most games that are medieval Japanese-like settings (pseudo-historical or fantasy) are focused on blades. I didn't know Ghost of Tsushima was going to include bows, though, that's a great suggestion.

My understanding is that archery was, in fact, an extremely important part of Samurai training and medieval Japanese warfare, but of course the mythology of the katana has become synonymous with the Samurai. Probably not quite as big a gap between history and popular imagination as with the ninja, but pretty close. And, of course, video games are built around popular imagination, not historical reality.
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