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Society Sexual misconduct in Japan less likely to be ignored

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14 Mar 2002
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In the past few weeks, two high-profile cases demonstrated that sexual misconduct and predation are less likely to be overlooked - not least because of the investigative tenaciousness of Japanese tabloids. The first case involved the famous (kabuki) actor Kagawa Teruyuki (香川照之), who groped a Ginza hostess in 2019. Kagawa apologised publicly but saw his advertising contract with Toyota terminated, and TV appearances cancelled. Another of Kagawa's sponsors, Suntory, hasn't pulled the plug yet.


Yesterday, it was reported that Eneos CEO Sugimori Tsutomu had to resign in August because he molested a hostess in Okinawa. "Molested" might not be the right word, as she had suffered a broken rib. Eneos said they had refrained from making the incident public until now "to protect the victim's privacy". :rolleyes:


And let's not forget Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori who was forced to quit in February 2021 after his remarks accusing women of talking too much caused a barrage of criticism.

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