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Fast food sends schoolgirls into sexual feeding frenzy


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14 Mar 2002
I hope no one takes offense, I just had to post this "waiwai" story...

Reported by Mainichi Daily News, June 19, 2002:

Fast food sends schoolgirls into sexual feeding frenzy

By Ryann Connell, Staff Writer

A tendency for getting their lips around a Whopper has turned Japanese schoolgirls into Nippon's naughtiest nymphomaniacs, according to Shukan Gendai (6/29). Kazuo Sakai, head of the Stress Hibiya Clinic in Tokyo, says fast food is to blame for the promiscuous behavior of today's schoolgirls.

"Sex addiction, which involves having sex with numerous different partners over a short period, is related to bulimia. Fast food so popular among young people is absorbed unnaturally quickly by the body, making it easy for bulimia to develop," Sakai tells Shukan Gendai. "Bulimia makes it harder to control the central nervous system and a chain reaction makes it easier to develop other addictions. Sex addiction is a case in point."

And gynecologist Tsuneo Akaeda, who runs a free sex consultation clinic for schoolgirls in Tokyo, warns that if her patients are anything to go by, the nation's schoolgirls are full-blown sex addicts.

"Attitudes toward sex of the girls who come to me for help are gut churning. It's normal for them to use vibrators. Some say using vibrators are the only way they can climax. Nearly all the girls who seek my help have experienced anal sex. Yet, none of them use condoms. Some girls even say they take drugs to make sex feel better. It's pretty unbelievable," Akaeda tells Shukan Gendai.

Akaeda has been running the consultation clinic since 1999, helping over 1,000 schoolgirls with their sex problems during that time.

"Sex has become so simple for these girls. If they feel like having a bit, where they do it doesn't matter to them at all, be it a nightclub toilet or in the photo machines at game arcades. They don't carry condoms around just in case and always do it unprotected."

Shukan Gendai notes that Akaeda handed out 300 tickets to schoolgirls that would allow them to get a free check-up for sexually transmitted diseases. Of the 300, 125 turned up to his clinic and 81.6 percent proved to be carrying some kind of venereal disease.

"Gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, genital warts ... some girls are carriers of multiple diseases. I had one girl whose herpes sores had spread so far she couldn't walk any more," Akaeda says. "And they still do it without condoms. I tell them to at least use a condom, but none of them listen to me."

Akaeda continues, "A common phrase I hear from the girls is "I want to do it.' Another girl told me she always feels like she's in heat. They're like animals. They can't control their sexual urges. The only explanation I can give is that they're chronic sex addicts."

Few schoolgirls would seem to disagree.

"While I'm having it off it feels like heaven," gushes a 17-year-old we'll call Akiko. "It's 'cause the guys are nice to me then. Usually, guys who're really cold say things like 'You're cute,' or 'I like you,' when we're having sex. It's like the guy really needs me. When I feel like that, it really gives me a thrill."

Akiko says that when she gets the urge nothing can stop her.

"I've done it in a Shibuya nightclub toilet once before. It was because I was with this really nice guy. He picked me up when I went to the club with a friend," she says. "Once I got drunk, I couldn't hold back anymore, so just whipped down my pants and let him do it there."

Many schoolgirls see little wrong with rampant promiscuity.

"It's better to go wild having sex than become a juvenile delinquent," says a 16-year-old girl we'll call Mieko. "I first had sex in the first year of junior high and I've slept with about 60 guys since. I go to nightclubs in Shibuya and Ikebukuro. Listening to music after taking a few uppers lets me hear sounds I wouldn't normally be able to. My body becomes light, I stop thinking and I feel sensational. Sex at these times is really intense. When I get excited, it makes the sex better for the guys."

Tetsuko, at 17, is even more blasテゥ about bonking.

"I can't count the number of guys I've been with. I like sex and I often do it just because there's nothing else better to do. It's not something I do because I like, but something I need a daily dose of," Tetsuko tells Shukan Gendai. "I've done it once with three guys at the same time. They picked me up at a video arcade and we were at it before I knew it. It felt so good I had no idea what was going on with me."

Schoolgirl sex counselor and gynecologist Akaeda urges something be done to aid the nubile nymphomaniacs.

"Usually, these girls are sad and lonesome. But while they're having sex they forget their loneliness," Akaeda tells Shukan Gendai. "When they're at home, they're parents are always nagging them to study. What this means is that the parents don't want their kids by their sides. If kids can't get rid of their loneliness while they're around their parents, it's only natural that they look outside for a means to feel less forlorn. Parents have simply got to make more of an effort to relate to their kids."

Copyright © Mainichi Daily News
When i eat fast food, it's usually so much that i don't feel like doing anything anymore. 😊

Does this mean that guys should take girls on a date to a fast food restaurant in order to 'score'? :D

didn't you read between the lines? That article was sponsored by BurgerKing...
Bizarre. So junk food is evil but can improve life in other areas?

Sounds weird. I really try to stay away from junk food but sometimes I get cravings for it [the junkfood]. Not so much the case at home, but more for fast food joints. Some days I might be sitting at home and get a craving for steak or chicken and before I know it I am in KFC. Do they put addictive chemicals in fast food? Sure seems like it sometimes
You get the calories from the food and then have the.. desire to go and burn them off...what could be better?
After eating at Burger King, i tend to have the feeling that only seppuku will get the stuff out of me again. What a weird idea sex could be the resolution... :)
There's a McDonalds right down the hill from me. Boy, I could go for a nice DOUBLE quarter pounder with cheese & a chocolate milk shake. I have found that getting stoned on marijuanna is much more fun, lasts longer, & is much safer & healthier than getting ******. GImmie a joint ANY time. I was raised with enough self-respect to be careful never to get knocked up.
They are basically saying that bullimia (food addiction) is related to sex addiction. Does that mean that the amount of food you eat determines you sexual activity ?
dont believe a word of it !

well, now !
I dont believe a word of this survey or what the doctors said.

I dont eat fast food. Never. And I make love everyday. It's not addiction, it's... simply love.

Do you believe that those girls really said all that ? And so many of them ? Obviously, it's all being taken out of context by two guys who believe they are great at survey. Japanese girls are just normal, and not a bunch of crazy nymphos ! And I love them, my sisters, no matter what the "doctors" will say.
to maciamo

of course not !
I eat very little...
I make love a lot !
no relation between one and the other.
Is that serious ?? o_O''

I dont get how a burger and fries could make u horny. O_O''
The "Dark" side of Japan....ohhh man I gotto watch out when I'm going to JP then huh !! Maybe if they get me in sight their gonne do nasty things to me them nymphos....*shivers when thinking of diseaces* ☝
Good for you Ascate. I don't believe most of it either. People need to be more skeptical about what they read.
How Would You Like ....

these Mac girls to jump on your bones?? I hung around outside my local branch hopeing to get some action & THEY took me home!!


LOL...you seem to be covered with make-up too...is that part of the plastics you mentioned about? LOOOOL :D :D 😊
Frank D. White said:
these Mac girls to jump on your bones?? I hung around outside my local branch hopeing to get some action & THEY took me home!!



:mad: Why did you do that to me before lunch, Frank?
This I've Got To See!!!!!

ascate said:
of course not !
I eat very little...
I make love a lot !
no relation between one and the other.

How bout posting a picture of yourself Ascate!!! Your posts make you SOUND beautiful!!


😍 😍 😍 😍 😊
to mdchachi

ok, i will follow your suggestion and go to watch this movie.
to frank d white

sorry frank d white
I know you would lobe it
but no !
not this time anyway. try harder an other day...
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