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I've only seen the American verison *sigh* but I didn't think it was as scary as everyone said. It WAS scary, but just not as scary. Where do u get the Japanese versions? I think Ringu looks better but I never even knew till now that there was more than one!
I've got the three japanese Ring films and have seen the US re-make. I personally think that Ring (or Ringu) is the best out of the bunch that i've seen. None of them seemed to hold a candle to it to me. The first one really spooked me out!!! In my room i have a fairly big t.v. inside my wardrobe unit and the doors touch each other properly when they are closed, so you can see the t.v. a tiny tiny bit. I had dreams that the t.v. would turn on and the cabinet doors would start opening...GAH!!!! .......haha

Darkwater is a really really good film! i bought it as a japanase import. I really recommend it. :)

--also, i recommend seeing The Eye....not a Ring film..but spooky none the less.

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tear tear. i can never find such things. :(

If you have a multiregion DVD player -or program for a computer DVD drive (for example DVD Region free) this site seems pretty good for plenty of asian films. ;)


As far as i know they are based in america so you should be alright to order stuff.


P.s. Just had a look and some of the films on there are US region aswell.. ;)
I've only seen Ringu 0... That thing that she says during the play is always popping into my head, but the worst part is I don't know exactly how it goes.
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