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Mana talking!!!


24 May 2003
Oh my god!!! I'm in shock!!! I just heard Mana talk. He has such a deep manly voice. It's kinda sexy! But not as sexy as Gackt's voice though!
I also found a picture of mana smiling look!!!


mana 357.jpg
I actually had a soundfile of his voice sitting on my desktop, but i deleted before i had the time to listen to it...
Mana looks better when he looks pissed off and angry...I've seen pictures of Gackt smiling....and let me say he's beautiful when he does...well he's beautiful anyway. Hey Christine...can you give Insane pink tiger that addy for Mana's voice...she wants to hear what he sounds like and well I asked another member for it...but that was last year and I don't remember!
I'll do it when the download is finished. If you have kazaa you can download it from there the name of the file is HOT WAVE apparance 1996. It's really cool!
Originally posted by audrey
mana's voice really is very nice^^ hum. is it just that he's shy and that's why not talking?

No! Its because his voice is so deep that it would ruin his "China Doll" Image.
The Malice Mizer Hot Wave apparance 1996 where Mana talks is officialy done downloading! Hurray!!!
Does anyone have any good mana sites? I have someone at my school that dresses EXACTLY like him, her....shim..o_O;;...I'd like to give her some good sites for Mana! ^_^
He's not gay, just a transvestite. I don't consider him sexy either, I think he's really beautiful. There is a difference there, you know. Plus he makes beautiful music.

beautiful?! This is coz of the tons of makeup and the eye lens he wears,, I really want to see his face without all this makeup,, hmmmm
I think he would look odd, and none too attractive. Maybe it's the straight eyebrows. Have you seen the Malice Mizer Bel Air PV where he's dressed as a maid for second? (ok, so that's going back a number of years)
With the make up and all he can be very beautiful.
Originally posted by KyoKyo
Aww Mana Thats awesome. I have a couple pictures of him smiling. :p

I only have one picture of him smiling. Can you send me some of yours?
Please! That would make my day! 😄
If anyone is on Livejournal, I have a community started for Malice Mizer pictures! ^__^ Please join and contribute, or at least go take a look! It's fairly new, so there aren't many pics yet, but my goal is to have 30 members by the end of March! ^-^
What in hell is the point of an LJ community like that?

Every MM picture around has probably been scanned on one site or another, and there are some who have massive collections (like Scape). The only ones that have not been scanned are probably some from the Red, Black and White "Aa, Mujyou" Bibles. Of course... if you *do* happen to have scans from the Red Bible... =3

I mean, MM pictures are not a rare commodity. The only ones that are are the ones that weren't printed in a magazine, like the Bara photobook and the Mujyou books, since they're pricey ($60, $35 each respectively) enough for someone to not want to tear apart(they're hardbacked) and scan like you can do easily with a $10 magazine.

*ahem*, like I did in my madness. I did the Kami memorial from Black Bible, and Mana/Kozi/Klaha's first three sets from the White one. But then my computer died and I feared for their binding so that was the end =(

the purpose is so that people can post rare pictures, and pictures they find amusing so that other people can post comments on them. Just because you have an extensive picture collection doesnt mean that everyone does. If you don't want to join the community, then don't. But please don't discourage others from coming to have a look. It's nice to be able to go on your friend's list and be able to see Malice Mizer pictures everywhere. =P
Scape currently doesn't have their galleries up. And Lydia, when you say Bara photobook, do you mean Bara no Higeki?
I'm more interested in videos then pictures, as I have heaps of those. Which I'd be happy to share, except I don't have an LJ and my morals tell me I didn't scan them so I shouldn't re-distribute them.
it is pointless tryin to see mana without make up.. mana is mana .. mana is mana with makeup.. hez got skill with make up so stop imagining around hez origin appearance.. that is straight BAKA..
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