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Which version of "The Ring" or Ringu did you like?

  • Ringu - Japanese

    Votes: 43 91.5%
  • The Ring - American

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • The Korean Version (not sure of the name)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Incidentally, if you didn't like any of the versions (if you saw them) I'd like to know why. (for some reason I love this sort of conversation) 😌
I've seen both the japanese and US version of ring and i must say that i prefer the japanese one. It has so much more atmosphere and Sadako seems alot more twisted in her poses and movements. *shudder* .. ..

I've not seen the korean Ring (virus or spiral, or both) but im planning on getting them. ;)

I, personally, thought the Japanese movie was much better. Sadako deffinately seemed to have a much more "purposeful" existence in this movie and she was deffinately much more creepy when she came out of the T.V. *hides eyes*
I also appreciated the fact that the whole love story was much more subtle in the Japanese movie, because that's about all the American one focused on. I wanted to know what happened to Sadako and why the story was being told, I wasn't watching it to see Archie and Veronica (whatever their names were) get back together.

Originally posted by Onigiri Chan
I, personally, thought the Japanese movie was much better. Sadako deffinately seemed to have a much more "purposeful" existence in this movie and she was deffinately much more creepy when she came out of the T.V.

I second that.... The Japanese version is so much more creepier... Sadako moves like she is so "inhuman", similar to the hauntingly enigmatic girl in Gothika....

Man that girl in gothika is creepy man..scare the crap out of me..Anways, I like the japanese versions too. Those americans took too much time to make The Ring 2 and its just gonna be the same story as Ringu. No point
I haven't seen gothika yet =\
I had no idea Americans are coming out with a second one...what's the point? It'll be just like the first, they already drained the plot with all the funky emotional crap they used to embellish the whole thing.
I want to see the Korean version o_O
the Korean one (Ring Virus) is meant to be slightly closer to the novel... with the whole Sadako being a hermaphrodite and getting raped by the world's last ever smallpox victim... also meant to be quite gory with exploding heads et al.
I liked the Japanese version much more then th US version. Ringu has more of a developed PLOT. I never heard of the Korean one. Is that any better then the other two? Anywho, this whole story about Ringu is orginally by a Japanese author or is the author Korean. I would like to read the book. [Hopefully there is one translated in english] But the Japanese Ringu is the winner in this poll.
I like the Japanese TV "drama" version because it was long enough (8 episodes?) to follow the novel pretty closely and tell the story in detail.
There's a TV drama?! I thought it was just a movie. So where did you watch it?
Originally posted by Ami
Anywho, this whole story about Ringu is orginally by a Japanese author or is the author Korean..
Japanese. Written by Koji Suzuki (sometimes known as the Japanese Stephen King)
It's actually a trilogy though - Ring, Spiral and Loop, although as far as I know, only Ring and Spiral have been made into films...
I've now seen the Japanese Ringu, and I'm sorry but I have to say that the American version was definetly _a lot_ more scarier and creepy.
Japanese one was stylish and interesting, but not at all scary..and that's what a horror movie should be, right?

Japanese Ringu was quite easy. Sure it deserves the honour for beeing the "first one" and having the original idea, but somehow the American one took the crawling horror more deeper.It was a lot more effective.
Hmmm...you know I have yet to see the Japanese one. Every time I go to the movie rental store its not in stock. I pretty much heard its better than the American one. I think Im just going to buy it since i have taken to Japanese horror films. I can believe the Americans are making a sequel. There are no original ideas in the american movie industry anymore. Everything is either a remake, from a cartoon or a sequel. I find this quite depressing on some level.
Anyways, I have been meaning to buy the movie (and the manga) Uzumaki, anyone know if its any good?
I have to disagree with Chipi, I think that the American one had to many special effects. Like I said, they really took way to much time making it look cool rather than developing a plot you could get into, or characters you could love.
I like simple horrors, The Ring was just to full of to much extra...lameness that I couldn't care less about.
Meh, I want to read the book so badly....but i'm not sure if i'm up to the task, my Japanese is pretty bad. Have they translated it yet? (I heard they were going to)
I also want to see Ring Virus VERY badly, I heard the Korean version's supposed to be really, really good. But i've yet to see...
Hmm they have the manga translated i dont know if theres a novel though since you didnt specify. But yes the manga in english was released a few months ago and there are several volumes to come as far as i know I think 2 is out also not sure though
I've already seen the manga, I considered buying it...but i'm not THAT into Ringu...I just want to read the original novel.
(and by book I did mean novel)
I want to know when that's going to be translated (the novel)
HAHA! I see what you mean.
Havent heard anything about a novel. Speaking of which i wonder if they ever translated the novel for Parasite eve, Id really like to read that. Although in Japanese I believe it had a different title.
Hey Oni, do you know any other good Japanese horror? Ive been contemplating getting Uzumaki.
It's such a shame, but I don't know of any more horror novels (Japanese ones anyways ^.^) I know of some Japanese authors, and I can say i've really grown to love the general writing style.
I recommend Banana Yoshimoto...but she's not horror.
The only person I know of so far is Koji Suzuki (the author of Ringu)

Gomenasai :eek:
thanks i shall try to remember to check them out.
by the way i like your new ava much better 😄

HAHA the hair looks kinda like mine
Ho ho ho!
Glad you like it, you're the first to notice!
(well it has only been 5 minutes)
My new ava is the main character from an anime called Magna Carta.
I haven't seen it yet..but it's kick butt.
Ima' post the complete image...might be a bit big though.
I'm not quite certain...but this one image looks really cool (meheh)
I'm sorry, in order to view it, you're going to have to download it by the link attached to my previous message. (took me long enough -.-)

I should check it out and find out more about it...
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