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Help Questions about university for reference

T. Menga

12 Jun 2020
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Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm currently writing a book with a setting in modern Japan and I had a few questions regarding studies from the perspective of a japanese student. All of the info I've read about universities has been regarding exchange programs and such, but I wanted to dig into the specifics for a native student. I thank you all for your answers in advance.
1) How hard is the process to get into a University?
2) Is it possible to get a reccomendation for private universities? (and if it depends on the high school: Is there a way to know which ones give them?)
3) How much would a reccomendation help for an entrance exam?
4) How hard is it to get into Waseda University? (besides the 10% admission rate)
5) What are generally the hardest subjects to apply for?
BTW, this post might be updated periodically depending on the questions answered and others that could come up.
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