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  1. T. Menga

    Help Questions about university for reference

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm currently writing a book with a setting in modern Japan and I had a few questions regarding studies from the perspective of a japanese student. All of the info I've read about universities has been regarding exchange programs and such, but I wanted to dig into...
  2. A

    Undergraduate MEXT 2019, should I bother?

    Even though, the Japanese Embassy state the academic requirements for the MEXT undergraduate is... “Applicants must have completed 12 years of regular school education or graduated from a school equivalent to an upper secondary school in Japan.” However I have read the fine lines that say...
  3. Memor X

    Where can i find Translated Versions of the Entrance Ceremony Speeches for Japanese Universities?

    From what i understand with Universities in Japan, during the Entrance Ceremony there are 3 Speeches The principal/head master/president of the school makes some opening remarks, encouraging the new crop of students to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience in school. One of the older...
  4. C

    Waseda University Student life question

    Hi, I'm currently a student from California is going to be starting in Waseda in the fall. I was wondering if you guys can tell me what are some clubs that I can join in order to meet students who are very social, like going out, enjoy group activities. I looked into groups that are...
  5. abdelrahman

    IGCSE and admission in japanese university

    Hi, i am 20 years old and i plan to travel to japan learn japanese take the EJU and apply for japanese universities, but i had a question, my high school diploma is IGCSE (GCSE) , in most countries they take 3 AL subjects to apply into universities, in my country i only need 1 AL subject, am i...
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