1. zxuiji

    Yotsubato! Questions

    Yo I'm back, couldn't motivate myself strongly enough to do mass revision anymore so now I ordered (from a japan sourced store on amazon I think) and received the books/volumes? for this series up until book/volume 13 as I read somewhere that it was recommended for beginners and thought that...
  2. Andrew Mize


    I was reading this childrens book and I found the clause たすけて くださった. The character who said it was obviously acknowledging that the listener helped them, but I am confused with exactly how this would be translated into English.
  3. Ennie Marie

    Undergraduate MEXT art scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all in the best of condition. I'm a new member here, first forum, woo-hoo (please don't murder me)! I'm in need of answers for five of my questions. Hopefully someone will send them soon. Replies are very much appreciated. 1. Has there ever been any MEXT...
  4. Armando

    Question words + particles (nani)

    Hi all, I'm in the phase where I'm starting to realize the real power and utility of particles and I have some questions to check if I'm using them correctly or not. For instance let's talk about nani (what): Nani+ga i.e. Naniga suki desuka Now if I can combine nani+ga then may I also combine...
  5. G

    Is my understanding of these family vocabulary correct?

    Hi guys, I'm learning about family vocabulary right now and I have a few areas where I'm not so sure on. I know most of the time you'd refer to a lot of these by their names but I just want to be clear on what their titles are. I just want to know if my understanding is all correct. Are the...
  6. RJMang

    Short, simple sentence: too many particles?

    For the simple question: Can I leave my bicycle here? I think I would say: わたしの じてんしゃわ ここの おきますか Is this correct? That seems like a lot of particles in a short sentence. Is there a better way of asking this?