1. Acquire Japanese Website By Watching Videos You Enjoy

    Acquire Japanese Website By Watching Videos You Enjoy

    Hello everyone, I want to share with you a free website I created which lets you watch videos in Japanese that match your current level. The community can rate a video's difficulty and discuss about its use of grammar / vocabulary etc. You can also track your progress which lets you see your...
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    which course of studies take to take for eventually working in japan

    im beginning university in september,my first year. Depending on the points i do i might enter: nursing,radiology technician and dental hygenist. I'm a woman,italian/russian fluent in italian and english mostly. I was thinking to do 1 year of university in japan to also start studying japanese...
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    Which studies may be helpful in finding employment in JP ??

    First of all just wanna say hello as it's my first post on the board ! :) Atm I'm preparing to kind of exam called "Matura" in Poland, that rates students and allow us to choose studies discipline. As my major goal is ultimately to move to Japan I'm having dissonance of choice now. From career...