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  1. Raijyuu009

    Searching for a good JLPT N1 Kanji Book

    Hello everyone, I have completed the kanji upto JLPT N2 using the Kanji book of Nihongo Sou Matome N2. I have the book of Nihongo Sou Matome N1 Kanji too but it seems a bit difficult as new kanji are not pointed out and I have to search them in the dictionary in order to learn them or their...
  2. Andrew Mize

    Japanese language question

    What does りゅうぐうじょう mean? The sentence is 貝がらやさんご、しんじゅが、キラキラひかる りゅうぐうじょう に ついたのです。
  3. alexadler

    I'm making an innovative book to learn kanji [Feedback request]

    Hello there! I'm currently finishing a book about learning kanji using real etymologies and glyphs from the oracle-bone script. You can see the first 4 pages of the radical chapter here And here the first 4 pages of the level 1 (of difficulty) chapter here I'm launching a Kickstarter...
  4. Japanese learning essentials

    Japanese learning essentials

    Japanese Learning Essentials' goals are to pique interest learning the Japanese Language and to give a starting point to those who are interested in learning but don't know where to start. The app aims to provide a relaxed learning experience by offering concise lessons with adequate examples...
  5. Nildro-hain

    Translation help needed

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this sentence. It is from a book I'm trying to read (probably still too difficult to me) I can't understand it and it's frustrating.  自己への執着も他者への愛情も、その終結すら、自分にはあきらめるよりほかできないことを知って、悲嘆するよりも直江は、おのれという人間の、このどうしょうもない最後の真実にひれ伏すより以外、術がなかった。 What I know is: 自己 =...